DJ Skee Launches DASH Radio

blame it on Shake August 19, 2014

Last week, DJ Skee announced his departure from FM radio with a promise of another venture in the near future.

Enter: DASH Radio, a commercial-free internet-radio platform, backed by Epic Records executive L.A. Reid, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and others.

“A lot of kids think Pandora is radio, but there’s a gross mislabeling that’s happening. Radio was the first social network, the first time people really listened together. And we want to bring that feeling back, but with more freedom than what FM and satellite can offer. Digital radio today is not real radio — it’s like making a mixtape for your friends. There’s still a time where you just want to listen to curated radio, and we want to be that option.” – Skee

Available now on Apple iOS, Google Android and mobile web, DASH kicks off with 50 stations (ranging from Hip Hop and R&B to EDM and Country) and plans to add new stations weekly. Happy listening.

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  • Flyin_1stclass

    I expect to see a lot of artist/Dj’s start doing this. Nice lil power move by Skee

  • IHateWhatHipHopHasBecome

    I like this concept. i like the idea that someone will be spinning songs that actually go together and not some algorithm randomly picking songs (which you end up skipping through most of anyway)


    Until the fat ass checks come in the play so and so’s track.

    • JME

      and the advertising checks.. for beats by dre pills lol

  • Dat nigga

    Dope. Hate to be that guy with the controversy, but let y’all tell it, la Reid is part of the destruction, but here he’s the solution. Guess you all don’t know everything. Just sayin lol

  • Yesurcorrect

    But is it free to use? Thats really all that matters. And aint shit free for long in this world

  • JME

    Hmmm maybe people can get their decent album/mixtape tracks played now.