blame it on Meka September 1, 2014

It was only a mater of time. After taking over his fan-favorite “Club Going Up On A Tuesday,” Drake bought Mak out during the Atlanta stop of the Drake vs. Lil’ Wayne Tour to perform the song (see below), as well as to announce that he’s signed the 25-year-old artist to his Warner-based imprint OVO Sound.

ILOVEMAKONNEN now joins Majid Jordan, PARTYNEXTDOOR and OB O’Brien on the label. Congrats are in order.


  • Red Ketchup

    I cant say that im excited about this but its definitely news.

  • I run Zamunda!

    The Weeknd was smart for not signing with OVO because Partynextdoor and Majid Jordan have projects out right now no one gives a fuck about.

    • Cpr196

      That’s because they aren’t actually artists, they’re just people on Drakes posse, or people on Drakes label, at least that’s how it looks. So yeah, Weekend was smart as shit, now he can be an individual!

      • mc shawn

        They’re not actually artists? What? Their music is pretty damn good to me and before I heard drake mention them I had no clue who they were. Seems like a fair deal to me lol

        • Cpr196

          Well what I sort of meant was that they were just seen as people under Drake, sure they’re artists, but they shall forever be known as “Makkonnen, of OVO” and maybe never surpass that title.

          • The KZA

            You bring up a solid point. Other than a lyric or two of people dropping projects no work has gone into setting up PND,and Majid’s projects. We knew about PND2 like a week before it came out.

    • JME

      The Weeknd had been bubbling for quite some time with 3 projects already out before going mainstream and he was pretty much the reason for the direction of Take Care. He also has been very accessible via music videos etc. Drakes artists served their purpose for 1 or 2 tracks of his and need more time to grow their own natural and respective fan-bases before drake will give them a big budget for a big album roll out or convince universal to back them.

      • HerringKingOfArt

        OVO Sound is distributed by Warner, not Universal.

      • jaybee502

        i agree..the best way is for that artist to create their own buzz before placing money behind them for a project that could end their career before starting it. The whole concept is similar to how MMG is basically being run by RR. Until there is some substance that creates a lasting buzz..with a single that could be played behind it…you are looking at a potential album being in the works…

    • Bernard

      That’s only because they released shitty albums. Kissland was shitty too but The Weeknd had already established himself as an artist by time of it’s release.

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      Who doesn’t give AF about PND2? Still in my rotation with Raury, Ty$, and Travis Scott…

  • Moses Saint Dames

    ilovemakonnen sounds like Ice JJ Fish with a higher production value. If you’re going to sign an up and coming singer/rapper from Atlanta why not ForteBowie?

    • KGThaYungsta

      And you know ForteBowie was at that same show when they made this annoucement…….smh

      • Moses Saint Dames

        ForteBowie was in the crowd like…

  • “hustlemania”

    He needs to find someone who can actually sing

    • Guest

      He found The Weeknd then lost him lol

      • Whybothertwice

        Weeknd can’t sing for shit

      • HerringKingOfArt

        Weeknd isn’t that good of a singer.

  • Mez D

    hell yeah Makonnen makin moves

  • Mez D

    hell yeah Makonnen makin moves

  • wat

    Despite being pretty bad, ILOVEMAKONNEN is a guilty pleasure of mine and he’s actually becoming popular. Drake does need to sign better artists, though. I’m not sure about his vision for the label.

  • ABS

    OVO: Home of ALL CAPS artists everywhere…

  • Whybothertwice

    You guys really like the weeknd…. Why?

    • Ervin Mitchell

      Take a few drugs and you will understand. Otherwise you’ll never get it

      • wat

        I don’t take drugs and I still fuck with The Weeknd.

      • Whybothertwice

        I have to be under the influence to like his music lmfao
        Well that says a lot

    • wat

      Yes. Because he can sing and makes some good songs.

      • Ervin Mitchell

        Well I bet if you smoke a blunt or two you’ll really like him lol. I mean the guy has a song called “High For This” for Pete’s sake (Whoever the fuck Pete it)

        • wat

          He may make drug-influenced music but personally I don’t need drugs to fuck with said music, lol.

      • Whybothertwice

        That can’t be the reason that nigga can’t sing

        • wat

          To each his own.

  • alsdfj

    I think the direction of the label was going well with PND and Majid Jordan and I guess OB O’brien(even though apparently him and Drake have been homies so that was pretty much by obligation although OB has shown he can do a little on the mic). But now I’m confused…

    • You won’t be confused for long. iLoveMakkonnen is the future of music.

    • Mars

      Forgot Sampha

  • Hustle

    i guess all yall are a&rs and label execs…just shut the fuck up and listen or not

    • Exactly where I’m at right now. Fuckin computer chair a&ring. This ain’t fantasy football. Know your role in this shit people.

    • wat

      But… That’s the whole point of the comment section… To share your opinion on the post…

  • $$$

    Man he looks awkward on stage. It’s like he’s at home in front of a mirror impersonating the movements of a rapper

  • Whybothertwice

    I’m not that depressed to enjoy the weeknds music

  • I’ve witnesses the come up for the past 2 years. I’m happy for you. Kill the game Makonnen. Can’t wait till they drop your greatest hits CD.

  • Jay Daniels

    Dumb move. Talent-less and pretty much not going anywhere unless Drakes featured on every hook.