Jeezy – Holy Ghost (Remix) f. Kendrick Lamar

blame it on Illy September 3, 2014

With the album out and the video on the way, Jeezy calls on K. Dot—who just linked up with FlyLo—for the official remix of his latest single off Seen It All.

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  • A$AP Kirk

    When I saw this

  • wat

    “Westside, Right on Time” > this.

    • malcyvelli

      “Westside, Right on Time”> a ton of shit including this

    • shake

      Why do people always have to compare stuff? Can’t we just enjoy both?

      • wat

        Eh, yeah. I was kinda thinking aloud because this reminded me that WSROT existed. I didn’t enjoy this, though.

        • shake

          I see. WSROT is amazing. It’s hard to compete heh. I enjoy both.

      • realtalk82

        It’s true Shake but I guess since it’s the last time they collaborated, people just wanna feel the same vibe but didn’t get that with this track it seems.

        • Johnny Boy

          Last time they collaborated was on the, ”R.I.P (Remix)”.

        • shake

          I’ve never understood why fans just want the same thing over and over again. Hov said it best… “Want my old shit, buy my old album.”

    • realtalk82


    • espyy

      The problem is this is 100% Jeezy beat, ain’t a beat for K.Dot.

  • datbul

    I still like the original best but Kendrick did his thing flow-wise.

  • Broke College Grad

    I thought K.Dot killed this verse. and no im not a Kendrick stan before anyone calls me one.

  • DIesel

    Irrelevant music

  • biff tannen


  • Nick W

    Fuckin with it, thought Lamar bodied his verse

  • The Don Killuminati

    Kendrick didn’t belong on this, feels forced.

  • marty mcfly

    Just listened to this and the shit he did with Flyin Lotus and the shit is meh. Its not wack but its more style then bars. The concept was riding in the back of a phantom as people on the outside see you and think its all good but on the inside you dealing with all kinds of drama… Its no rules to music so you can step outside of that topic and perspective but sometimes staying with in the pocket of subject matter makes shit sound better. Shit was aiight but thats about it.

    • Bashir Retro Bazemore

      You hit it right on the nail bro.. I agree

  • marty mcfly

    And dude can stop with the Usher Let It Burn Confession references after this verse.

    • Javan Johnson


  • Pizza Steve

    This shit dope

  • Mez D

    lmao I didn’t know what kendrick said for half that verse.
    It was good but coulda been better. Jeezy x Kendrick is always a good combination though

    • Starks

      Thought I was the only one. Dude just sounds like he’s putting a bunch of words together and then calling it a song.

  • alsdfj

    drake still better

  • alsdfj

    drake still better

    • Johnny Boy


  • Pr!nce

    Juicy J’s Holy Ghost came close tho!


  • MusicHead

    The God Kendrick came in ripped the shit.

  • Joe Kerr

    And this was what happens when Kendrick is not MixedbyAli….. flat as a fuck….

  • Deacon The Villain

    I fucked with it…. I feel Shake. No need for comparisons. It’s a dope remix, people.

  • AlexFirth91

    Corny. Kendrick went hard tho, lyrically but his flow doesn’t fit the beat.

  • krow132

    Ive heard Kendrick do much better. still hot though

  • Cameron Denique

    Anyone know the who the sermon at the beginning is by..the name or a link?