Rick Rubin & Russell Simmons: Back & Forth pt.1

blame it on Meka September 4, 2014

Longtime friends and two of the most influential people in hip hop, Russell Simmons and ALS Ice Bucket Challenge kingpin Rick Rubin, sit down for Noisey’s long-running series and reflect on Def Jam’s illustrious history (which is now in its 30th season).

  • Arun Gopal

    Great stuff

  • $$$

    Only 3 minutes? Are you fucking kidding me? The next 3 parts better be 10 minutes or more each

  • Dave

    A person could learn so much from these two wise men.

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    A bit much saying Rick is that influential. Most albums he had his hands on were not exactly strongly liked by Hip-Hop public, they were geared toward mainstream America. He has made some terrible and okay music for the most part. I would not personally elevate him that high, specially when I can see pioneers who engineered the sound and created the genre, be put on less of a pedestal by this wannabe music nerd enthusiast. He has made some okay albums, but influential after that MMLP album? Nah.