The Seshen – Unravel (Video)

blame it on Shake September 10, 2014

After a lengthy hiatus, The Seshen returned to the scene a couple weeks ago with their new single, “Unravel“, a song that explores how an unravelling relationship can chip away at the identities of those involved.

The official video can now be viewed above, with pre-orders for their forthcoming EP of the same name (out Oct. 6/7), available now.

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  • Willmatic

    Forreal, this chick ugly. That’s why no one bothered looking at this.

    • shake

      Sad world we live in, where someone’s looks will defer someone from listening? Sucks for those types, this song rocks.

      • thetruth

        didn’t even listen just wonderin how the camera man let this bitch wit the ashy lips make this video without tellin her she look like tyrone’s sister and ashy larry best friend

        • Morgan Tigerman

          The moderator needs to pull these bullshit comments. That’s my
          homegirl’s band, and these motherfuckers under the anonymity of the
          internet think they getta talk their shit. I guess that’s what happens
          when you’re raised poorly though and are hella dissatisfied in life.
          These fools talking are probably some busted ass teenagers using their
          microacression to feel better about the fact that they’re some chumps.
          Seriously though, those comments should get pulled. And say what you
          need to say back, but I’mma go lead a satisfying life and ignore your
          pettiness. dueces.

          • scoggs

            This song isn’t bad at all, either. It’s a shame cuz people bitch that Nicki Minaj needs to undress to get listens, well here’s the exact opposite and the same people bitching got another crop of excuses just to put someone down. You’ve got to at least attempt to respect people who put their feelings and art out into the public realm. The average person CANNOT handle criticism in any form, let alone by the masses with no recourse to defend themselves or stick up against these assholes. Tell your friend she’s got a new fan.

          • thetruth

            i love my life make plenty of money just by helping others so imma play my part and just suggest u tell ur homegirl she need to put lotion on her lips next time or summin, i actually gave the song a chance it sounds pretty good but she should really make sure her appearance matches the quality of her music maybe she will get further

          • scoggs

            I can respect that. 2DopeBoyz comment section is pretty close to being a great place to gauge a track based on response. I’d love to see it take that next step into being a great place for actual discussion like . I can dream.

          • datbul

            I like the song. But you’re trippin’ talking about moderators pulling comments. People make fun of artists on the internet all the time. Pretty foolish to get upset because this person happens to be your friend. By your logic, every mean spirited comment should be pulled because every artist in every video on the internet is someone’s friend. Relax, dude. People joke and say mean things. Not that big of a deal.

          • Freid Sampleton

            Bruh you cant say her lips aint ashy. You should tell her right now she needs get sponsored by Blistex before trying to get a rcord deal

      • ForeverWePush

        Love the site but like any other there is bound to be Neanderthals around. These fools swear every woman wakes up thinking about how they can look good for a bunch of anonymous dickheads on the internet. Lames will be lames.

        • shake


  • @JoseRIo29


  • Abyssal Underlord

    sorry, song is trash….chick is trash as well….

  • …..

    This chick looks like a tranny version of Young Thug.

    • Nelson Évora

      hahahahhaha this comment made my day

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