Jay Rock – Parental Advisory (Video)

blame it on JES7 November 2, 2014

First, it was TDE President Punch’s turn to churn out some new music, and today, Jay Rock returns with a visual for his heavy West Coast riding single, “Parental Advisory.”

If you’re still wondering where Jay’s sophomore LP is dropping, check this link to find out what the delay is.

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  • Dave

    It’s finally time for Jay Rock to become a star.

    • BathSaltZ0mbie .

      Sa da tey

  • espyy

    This is truly west coast shit. That’s what we need.

  • who cares

    I’m so ready for a new Rock album.

  • Adxm19XX

    Rock grabbin his plate, he bout to eat

  • Black Crime Rate

    C’mon with the album already.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Still laughin at your name tho hahahhahaha.

  • Pizza Steve

    Dope as hell

  • RichRollin

    I’m bout to go outside and bang an somebody. Thanks roCc

  • War

    Hate on TDE, Kendrick, or whoever.

    Rock has been consistent albeit reclusive.
    Track knocks, video supports, and it does feel like it’s filled a void with modern Hip Hop.

  • deeznuts

    this toke me back to 2010! TDE TNT!!

  • Black Crime Rate

    I’d like to hear a Jay Rock x Freddie Gibbs collab album or EP.

  • Q Z A

    Jesus, this is so hard.

  • james

    I like Jay Rock, thought he would’ve blew up over the years starting with Lift Me Up then All My Life but it never came. Even learnt about Kendrick through Black People but damn this track is not it. Rock is boring. Good production values but I’ve already heard this before. What’s new?

    • beastman318

      You need to re-listen. Man just explained where he came from. Like you just been to Watts by listening to this song. Appreciate the art please. If you wanna hear just punchlines or something, find a different artist but no need for hate.

      • james

        No, I don’t need to relisten. What he’s telling is the same shit I’ve heard from rappers of that region for two decades. Nothing new. He’s not providing any interesting information I haven’t already heard. There’s no real insight. Just the same gang-banging shit that’s been done to death.

        Punchlines? Stop creating strawmen arguments. I’m hating by stating that’s he not saying anything original? lol!

        What is he saying that’s new to the genre? What is he saying that’s original? What’s unique about it? There’s no great lines. No insightful imagery. It’s boring. Same old shit from the past two decades.

        And, let’s say Watts hasn’t changed much. Same old ghetto. I was bored when I heard Jay Rock spit. Made me want to fall asleep.

        At the end of the day I’m not feeling it while I have tried to elaborate on specifics, they don’t fucking matter. I’m just not feeling it. That’s not hating.

        Jay Rock can deliver as he has shown on tracks like Money Trees but for the most part he hasn’t.

        • hiiipower

          lol u looking for interesting information and new insight? go watch cnn or the history channel or some shit. this is that soundtrack to parkin lot pimpin in yo ride while sippin a 40 and rollin a fatty.

          with that said, im pretty sure he’ll have more introspective tracks on the new album.

        • marty mcfly

          I don’t think there is any subject left the somebody in Hip Hop hasn’t already rapped about. Most rappers stay in their bag as far as subject matter. If somebody is raised in Compton and is gang affiliated etc… I mean, you kinda already know what your about to hear before you press play. I wouldn’t play a Mobb Deep song and expect to hear a track about saving the elephants.

          • james

            You two APPEAR to fail to grasp my argument by bringing up random ass shit like elephants and stating “this is the soundtrack to parking lot pimping” Your bitch must be a bore.

            Jay Rock hasn’t revealed anything unique about himself or the situation. This could have been done by a handful of other artist.

            And, for that matter his flow was not rhapsodical and even if he’s not treading new ground he doesn’t word it in a clever manner.

            It’s just a boring rap song with decent production values.

          • marty mcfly

            99.9% of all rappers/musicians period are not treading new ground. Their speaking on an experience that has already been spoke on by some other artist at some point in time. Its a culture. If I’m in ATL chances are a bunch of rappers are gonna have the same experiences growing up from there so their music is gonna reflect that. Same with LA, NY, Chicago etc…

          • james

            Hum, okay?

          • marty mcfly

            I know what you meant but when you play a Jay Rock song? Its like what did you think you was gonna hear? This dude has been out for 8 years now and has several projects out including the mixtapes… Chances are whatever you wanted to hear from him, he already made that song.

          • SonSon

            great point lol these new hip hop fans kill me with the “when are they gonna come up with something new to rap about…” arguments lol hip hop started as the voice for the hood, and it’ll continue to be so with dudes like Jay Rock rapping about where they are from etc..go listen to macklemore

          • james

            Doesn’t know anything, assumes too much.

          • james

            Now your argument is that I should lower my basic standards?

          • marty mcfly

            No, my argument is you want Jay Rock to rap about different shit? I’m saying he probably has already.

          • james

            No, my argument is I want him to be better about what he’s rapping about because what he’s doing now is boring.

  • Lupe

    the rock is here!

  • jesko

    Holy shit

  • dizzle

    man, music is missing a lot of content nowadays, and shit like this is refreshing to hear. this shit breaks! TDE, for real. west coast shit, man.