Eminem, Royce Da 5’9”, Big Sean, Danny Brown & DeJ Loaf – Detroit Vs. Everybody

blame it on Illy November 10, 2014

Following the release of the #ShadyCXVPHER — with Eminem, Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf kicking rhymes for 18 minutes straight, Shady Records takes us to the Motor City on “Detroit Vs. Everybody,” the latest Shady XV leak featuring Eminem, Royce Da 5’9”, Big Sean, Danny Brown, DeJ Loaf and Trick Trick.

Produced by Statik Selektah.

Shady XV arrives November 25.

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  • solis91

    Needs more Detriot

    • Stan

      I agree. No Black Milk, though?

      • Enjoyer of Music

        I feel like Black Milk doesn’t want that fame sometimes. He talks about it in his music all the time

      • leutrim

        I mean, you can’t expect him to invite every underground detroit favorite. I would’ve liked Elzhi, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, etc, but it’s good enough as is.

      • Moonie

        Elzhi & Obie Trice would’ve been perfect for this beat. Hopefully we get a remix with a few more D cats

    • ATK

      I agree, should have had Black Milk, Elzhi, D12, Obie Trice, Guilty Simpson, Proof, Dilla, All of slum village. Even Jack White should have jumped on this track.

      track is worthless without them.

      • MEh

        Proof is dead…Dilla is dead…

        • ATK

          I guess I should have named every musical act to come out of Detroit to put more emphasis on the sarcasm?

      • XLRG

        at the very least ElZhi… him and Em would be a ill on a track…

      • DeadCoffee

        And sean price

        • J_Sleazy

          Sean Price isn’t Detroit…

          • DeadCoffee

            My mistake, you’re right.

      • RichRollin

        U went full retard bro.

        • DIesel

          It’s cool bro not everyone gets jokes

      • Pat

        it would actually be mad dope to have had Jack White on the production

      • Saugdenstock

        forgot about Kid Rock and ICP ha

        • ben k

          No that shit was intentional.

      • yo jack white doing a guitar solo would have been epic

  • BobbyWhite

    what the fuck is with this quality. they all got off though.

    • rns

      prolly not the final

    • Mark Le Man

      Statik quality..

  • A$AP Kirk

    Shoulda replaced Dej with Obie. This is dope though regardless

    • Mark Le Man

      obie singing a hook? haha nah brah..

  • pick

    Too much to ask for but black milk would have completed it

  • rickoshay

    Big Seans always so fuckin boring

  • JME

    lol eminem drum kit

    • ben k

      Doesn’t mean it’s not good.

  • Hearing Danny Brown and Eminem spit back to back is out of this world!

  • Joe Lawton

    You fools are never satisfied! This joint is fire!

    • Selorm Amuzu

      i know right


    But why no trick trick verse tho?…..

  • tk

    royce killed eerybody

  • Will

    shady records is on fire today

  • The KZA

    Black Milk and Elzhi.

  • LPIdaho

    Sean held his own on this!

  • The KZA

    Power Rangers sample?!

  • jdzz

    I was impressed with Sean

  • Beard Gawd

    Em and Royce bodied this. It might be time for a proper Bad Meets Evil album soon.

    As trash as Big Sean is, this might be his best verse ever and Danny Brown?! Bruh. If scratching a nail on a chalkboard had vocal chords, it would sound like Danny Brown

    Anyways, looking forward to Shady XV + the upcoming Shady 2.0 albums. Everyone seems to be in form.

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Royce and Danny killed dis shit.

  • Black Phillip

    Good day to be from detroit. The D flooding the front page.

  • didn’t hear the track but with all these names i’m more than sure that sean & loaf got bodied.

  • TheCatalyst

    Sean should’ve just stayed home. Only way this could’ve been better is if they put Elzhi on this track.

  • MusicHead

    Sean bodied. Matterfact Sean been on fire this year, hes hungry all over again..i can tell.

  • RichRollin

    Man you niggas are terrible, you can’t just listen to the song. Every nigga on here wants a 40 man posse cut. Fuck outta here with that shit cuhz

  • with the shot

    big seans verse is nothing to sleep on tho

  • Moonie

    I’m thanking all the gods that Dej Loaf only got a short hook, she really stinks. They all went in & I’m excited for ShadyXV

    • Mark Le Man

      Lol stop hatin

  • johnny

    Em is hungry and lately has really been showing off all his lyrical capabilities. Everyone went off in this, even Sean, and I don’t like that kid. Shady is king.

  • _AudiiO

    Eminem’s got an infinite amount of bars up in that old head of his, but I feel like he’s wasting his time rapping about nonsense instead of really putting his talents to use..

  • ivemar80

    Yes! This is a really unexpected beat from Statik.

  • Ohms


  • 91&^UP

    No Diana Ross?

  • Pat

    Really dope track. My obligatory complaint- I don’t like that effect Eminem does with his voice when there’s around 2 minutes left

  • hiiipower

    just gimme a royce/elzhi album produced by black milk…fck the rest.

    • tk

      that would be ridiculous

  • Big V

    I can’t take this Em’ flow anymore, really boring.
    Big Sean is annoying as fuck, as usual.
    Royce was decent.
    Danny killed it, hands down.

    • Mark Le Man

      LOL No..

      • Big V

        “No” what ? Try to make sense if you respond please.

        • Mark Le Man

          “Danny killed it” = LOL No…. chill.

    • tk

      you a fool dont fuck with em or sean but royce decent royce bodied it bodied danny brown

  • espyy

    Danny Brown, I repeat: he is on another level, can’t compare him with the rest. HE IS THE SONG.

    • tk


  • SonOfSAM

    This is so dope. Good to hear a city sticking together.

  • Th3rd i

    the heck is a dej loaf?

  • DC King Of Hearts

    Look…If Trick Trick is gon do EXACTLY what he said he was gon do
    We may have a true Detroit vs Everybody remix with all the emcees that we didn’t hear on this

    And dammit I better not be the only one praying for Trick Trick to make that shit happen! THIS TRACK NEEDS ALL DETROIT EMCEES ON IT!!!

  • koodabang

    So futuristic im already over my next bitch, Sean went in, not the best verse but his verse was needed

  • Frank Kennedy

    Statik Selektah doing an eminem beat? Fuck yeah. Only thing missing was Obie trice & elzhi.

  • 32gq

    Wat ever happened to that elzi tape that never came out???

  • fuckinidiots

    Boldy James!???? and I know Jon Connor is from Flint, but they coulda used him too

  • whosthegoat
  • Mark Le Man

    Dej’s voice sound like that 90’s “immature – never lie” joint!
    So Dope!

  • damn… track was good til danny came on…

  • fonzo517

    shoulda had lil durk do the hook

  • casarezrich

    Everybody came hard on this ish!

  • Dope Track, just wish they could of got Elzhi and a black milk beat.

  • madi

    better than anything on MMLP2 minus bad guy

  • SonOfSAM

    NYC vs Everybody can never happen. Shameful.

  • Bergs

    Wish Danny Brown would’ve used his DSOM/Hybrid era voice for this one.

  • DIesel

    Is it too much to ask for Em to hop on some fucking stupid trap beats. Like straight up what is this beat?

  • hh_addict

    Sean…nah, he doesn’t belong with these cats

    • Chris

      foh he had the best verse on the track

      • tk

        u must have missed royces verse