Royce Da 5’9″ & DJ Premier – PRhyme (Album Stream)

blame it on Illy December 1, 2014

With their highly-anticipated PRhyme LP arriving December 9th, Royce Da 5’9″ and DJ Premier link with NPR to provide fans with a first listen.

Coming in at just nine-tracks, the quickstrike album features an excellent supporting cast of Jay Electronica, Slaughterhouse, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Mac Miller, Killer Mike and more.

Listen below and head to iTunes to pre-order.

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  • M Gar


  • JewelRunner

    That Jay electronica verse is tuffff

    • Jay Daniels

      It’s really not. Weakest verse on the album IMO.

      • tk

        ur trippin there

  • J.E.

    All the guest really brought their best bars. SOULO on a Preemo beat, dat sound good.

  • Moonie

    Geezus, those records with Common & Jay Elect are crazy! I’m beyond satisfied with this, can’t ask for anything more. I’ll be an even happier fan soon as I get my physical copy in hand.

  • anineerensvans

    Premo sampled Adrian Younge like a boss and everyone and their mother is spitting! This is nice.

  • Bliss

    Soulo went fucking IN, this is heaven

  • DBS

    I loved it until the second to last track, I just can’t fuck with the beat on that one, way too hectic.

    • Swimteam Rasta

      What? Get your ears checked, nerd.

      • james

        Wash out your mouth.

  • Lorant Mena


  • Ian Looije

    Quite liked this. It also reminded me why I prefer royce over em. Can’t wait for it to show up on Spotify so I can play it properly.

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    The album knocks like all hell. These dudes went in, not one wack feature, they know better then to come weak on a Royce album. This was good project, I will of course listen and digest more, but so far this album is a win.

  • espyy

    Daaaamn Royce’s flow on wishin

    • tk

      right the beat is so fuckin disgusting also

  • XLRG

    solid project

  • One of the best Schoolboy verses i done heard in a minute…album was dope my favorite joint is still PRhyme doe. that shit is mean

  • xastey

    Schoolboy went in. Was shocked to hear a Elec verse.. Dope project

  • fonzo517

    damn this shits dope

  • Black Crime Rate

    This shit is straight fire.

  • simpleton

    this is amazing

  • padawan_killah
  • Isaac

    Holy shit, I’m not even a ScHoolboy Q fan, but he went fucking in. This album is fucking fire. This is the year of duos in hip-hop. RTJ2, Piñata and PRhyme are contenders of best album of the year.

    • smh

      true….I have high hopes for the Ghostface/BadBadNotGood Album coming early next year too!

    • Will

      Don’t forget about the Apollo Brown and Ras Kass album

  • Tito

    Dope project wish U LooZ was longer tho i heard royce wasnt feelin it that much to write more but that beat is bangin…

    • realtalk82

      Yeah man that`s my fav record go figure. Man that beat sounds like something Snoop could spit over too

      • Tito

        Mines the to me to u joint …overall dope ass album

  • GOMD

    That kendrick verse tho.

    • yuuup


  • tk

    knew they would deliver

  • tk

    wish he got freddie gibbs on here royce n gibbs on a preemo track

  • Pizza Steve

    This is crack. Front to back

    • tk

      aoty with Pinata this shit is just to short

  • Kent Brockman

    Whuuuuuuut!?!?! This shit make you wanna slap your momma! Is the deluxe version really going to have 3 bonus tracks? I NEED MORE!

    • tk

      where did u hear that shit at 3 bonus tracks? thats another 3rd of an album

      • Kent Brockman

        Another forum…..I wasn’t sure if there was any truth to it. Shit would be nice if it was true.

  • wat

    Wow. Way exceeded my expectations. And what an amazing collection of features.

    *adds to rap album of the year conversation*

  • realtalk82

    Cold!! I just wish it was longer. MIcrophone Preem though…

  • Will


    • tk

      no doubt its just so short

      • Will

        True. Another 4 or 5 songs would have been great. It’s only about 5 minutes shorter than RTJ2 though.

    • wat

      I gotta give that to Pinata still but this was phenomenal.

  • Will

    That wishin track is straight fire

  • Igotcha(HHG)

    Nice, I’ll add the other tracks they’ve done together to my tracklist too.

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    This is fucking amazing. Not better than Pinata but its for sure number 2 of the year.

    • wat


    • tk

      idk man i think if they did a project as long as pinata it might be better these 9 tracks are solid as fuck front to back

      • wat

        But Pinata was filled with conceptual songs whereas these tracks are just lyrical exercise.

        • MidKnightMaRawder

          True. Also, I’d like point out that Royce is a superior lyricist than Gibbs but Gibbs impeccable flow mixed with his own lyricism made it hard to match.

          • wat

            Precisely. Pinata was ultimately a more complete body of work. And as much as I love Preemo, I preferred Madlib’s beats on Pinata. They were bonkers.

          • tk

            its just a matter of opinion i love preemo man and royce i would have them about equal few tracks on the pinata album i didnt care for to much i really enjoyed all these tracks

  • artclasshero

    Too dope to talk about

    • casarezrich

      Man, I’m really enjoying this all the way through!

  • realtalk82

    “before niggaz was hypebeast, my niggaz was bike theives, you let it out yah sights,they’d take it to sight see” Royce always got funny ass bars!!

  • james

    The Ab-Soul on display here should’ve been all over These Days. Q reminded me of Earl Sweatshirt here.

  • Jay Daniels

    Album is near perfect except for the Jay Electronic feature. Fuck what ya’ll say, dude is trash IMO. The way he came in with his verse hella early was wack too. Dude is all over the place with his delivery. This is the third loss he’s taken in recent memory (Control & WMWTSO).

    • ear2ear

      i love all 3 of these verses. Haha, and his verse on Suplexes with Mac Miller is incredible to me. At the end of the day, I guess there’s kinda two views on Jay Electronica. To some, he’s pretentious and and just talking nonsense but to me he’s very refreshing part of hip-hop. Lyrically I love his music and he has a mystery to him that’s been well preserved (regardless of how contrived that might be)

      • Jay Daniels

        That’s a fair view. Perhaps he’s just not for me.

        • SonSon

          yeah, because saying Jay Electronica is “straight trash” based on this one verse is like saying Breaking Bad is trash because you only watched the Pilot

          • Jay Daniels

            Nah fam i’m judging off the various material that i’ve heard from him.

  • Jay Daniels

    Common, Q and 1/2 of RTJ absolutely went IN!!

  • Jay Daniels

    10/10 performance by Royce though. Dude really knows how to stay on point throughout an album.

  • Will

    “I’m an acquired taste,you don’t like me then acquire a taste”
    lmao I can’t get over that bar

  • PV

    Did Jay Elec record his verse in the jungle using a mic made of bamboo n shit? Either that or he got Blu’s bum ass engineer

    • tk

      hahahahah i feel u shit soundin weird

  • “I don’t think busta douglass or joe jackson could do a mic worse.” Damn.

  • ON3 FLY J3DI

    This sound good right here, Dec 9 gonna be a good day

  • soulonice_

    Great album 1-9

  • Billy

    oh looorrrrd

  • DoubleLGetsBusy

    I gotta say 1 listen through & I’m a bit disappointed. Most of the album doesn’t have that Primo sound but maybe it’ll grow on me.

    • tk

      its got the premier touch its different shit man he said sampling only adrian younge was different and challenging i love it man to me it still got the prem touch but its a lil diff

  • Jay Daniels

    So we gonna acknowledge that young Larry Fisherman just got busy on a potential classic hip-hop CD?

    • tk

      ya he lucky 10 years from now this could be considered a classic of this era anybody would love to get on a track with royce in premier

  • J_Sleazy

    Wasn’t a fan of all the soundbites in Microphone Preem, I found it way too distracting and a bit annoying.