Bring It Back: Pac Div – Young Black Male

blame it on Shake December 4, 2014

For today’s installment of Bring It Back, I wanted to revisit 2009 and highlight a selection from Pac Div’s Church League Champions mixtape. With all the bullsh*t that’s going on in the world, the Swiff D-produced “Young Black Male” seemed like an appropriate song to press play on.

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  • realtalk82

    Pac Muthafuckin Div

  • ONMY88SHiT

    This is still dope and pretty relevant too, nice post.

    But I’ve been fiending for some new Pac Div for FOREVER now..

  • Somebody give me the low down on what happened to these niggas. At one point they were on the cusp of blowing up big time.

    • Enjoyer of Music

      They did what has happened to countless rappers: didn’t capitalize on their buzz.

    • Stian Nicolaysen

      BeYoung from Pac Div recently released a dope mixtape. Like recently released a beat-tape. You should cop both of them.

  • 206FRE$H

    I know they all got solo projects and thats cool but we as fans want that pac div if they never get back together it will be like UNI all over again.

    • damn, I forgot all about UNI
      What the fuck – damn..
      Rappers come n’ go, I swear.

  • 91&^UP

    Shiiiit. I loved this tape. Shout out to the dudes holding the west down before TDE. U-N-I, TiRon, Nipsey etc.

    • shake

      Such a great time in music. I miss those days.

      • CNTRSTXX

        ’08/’09 were THOSE years.

        • 91&^UP

          Fashawn, Murs, Blu..

    • Dave

      I really miss U-N-I. It fucked me up when they broke up. Thurs kept dropping good music but Y-O fell off the map. Tiron & Ayomari still drop a song here and there and they always doing shows in Cali.

      • shyslayu

        man A love Supreme gave me a feeling that ill never forget…unfortunately it will never be the same

      • 91&^UP

        Bin waiting for this new TiRon & Ayomari LP damn near 5 years now


      i still have all those mixtapes too dom kennedy was also in the movement

  • Ghost Robot

    for real. The west coast owes pac div a lot of things.

  • BlessThaGawd Nico

    Word up this song is right on point. #Classic

  • Yenome15

    Just recently redownloaded all their tapes. Pac div one of my favorite. They deserve shine. Come back together and make meaningful songs like the mirror. Make vibe songs like fallin. Make songs with emotion like for you. Leave that free bass bs alone.

    • rendawggg

      Yo could you hook me up with U.N.I links?

  • LIV3

    pac div and the cool kids deserve a lot of credit in hip hop…their like minnie legends

  • IstayJammin

    Probably my fave Div track… Like’s verse probably one of my top 5 verses all time within the underground doe

  • Flyin_1stclass

    CLASSIC ! This shit got me through some tough times

  • FreshPrince

    I remember buying something off of Karmaloop and this cd came with it…i been a fan every since PAC MUUUFUCKIN DIV!

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Classic project, miss these dudes man.

  • Guest

    Damn I was bumpin’ this yesterday! Crazy it’s more relevant now than ever

  • Guest


  • Crazy I was bumpin’ this yesterday, this track is more relevant now than ever!

  • shyslayu

    ’08/’09 are the Golden Years for Us… Cool Kidz Pac Div and U-N-I not to mention Dom Asher Cudi The great Hangover Tour was my first show

    • 91&^UP

      I’d pinpoint the era as when hiphop started to move away from the bullshit ringtone rap and back to greatness.

      • rendawggg

        Yo can anyone gimme some dl links for some of U-N-I’s material, most of the ones seem to be dead. Will be much appreciated

        • 91&^UP

          You know shake got the whole of ’08 on a hard drive somewhere. Do the right thing Shake!

          • rendawggg

            Hope so haha. Going overseas soon with limited internet access, need to put everything on my phone asap

  • xastey

    Great time, I go back and listen to Pac’s old tapes every now and then. The west was next in line back then. About to go listen to those U.N.I tapes this morning.

  • Noah Evan Preston


  • Quasi.OG

    Pac div,Blu,Fashawn were the future of the West only a few years ago.

  • ON3 FLY J3DI

    Yea i miss these niggas and U-N-I, wonder wtf happened to em