Miguel Drops Surprise EP, ‘’

blame it on Meka December 19, 2014

I literally said this a couple of days ago: artists releasing surprise projects is the thing to do now, and you can credit (or blame?) Beyoncé for kick-starting the trend. While some are great (D’Angelo, J. Cole), many-many-many-many-many- others are almost certainly not welcome. Fortunately Miguel falls into the former category, as he’s dropped a quickstrike EP to tide fans over for the time being until he releases his anticipated third album. Stream and download the three-track freelease below.

  • Honesty

    hollywooddreams has the same guitar riff as Kid Cudi’s Ghost

    • tk

      totally cudi used to make some fire shit

  • leutrim

    Beyonce may have made it trendy, but Curren$y was dropping random mixtapes and EPs since 2012

    • shake

      That’s exactly what he said.

    • 100% Real

      Real shit and i never thought about it because curren$y did it so much i was used to it

      • leutrim

        That’s why he’s the best, he spoils us

    • M Gar

      Amen Bruh

  • NYCityKid

    Second time I seen u guys use the term quick strike. That’s a head term. It’s time for the new releases posts. Sneakers are hip hop.

    • ninersyo

      ^lol wut?

      • NYCityKid

        Lol, left field shit.

        • shake

          head term? what kind of ratchets are you dealing with?

          • NYCityKid

            Lol. What? I meant sneaker head. I’m assuming that’s where u got the term quick strike from. Let’s get a post on them J’s bruh.

          • yoyo555

            I thought he was referencing the Battle of Haditha

          • NYCityKid

            Bro are you guys ever going to do a dope house in NY again? It’s long over due. I came to that event ya’ll had a minute ago and met the both of u. I think it was on bond st. or somewhere around there. It would be cool to meet some of these dopehouse fanatics in person so we can chop it up.

          • lar$

            really shake?

          • NYCityKid

            So since you didn’t respond. I’ll just take that as a no.

          • shake

            Or I’m busy, depends who you ask I guess. Not sure about the next NYC event. We’re comfortable in LA for now.

          • NYCityKid

            It’s cool man. Thanks for responding. I would think u guys have writers out here or made a few moves back and forth but that’s wassup on the LA move, respect. I know you still got love for NY and the city would definitely appreciate it if or whenever ya’ll do do something out here.

          • shake

            Mek actually lives in NY, and I live in Vegas. We just have a relationship with the West Coast. A party or event in NYC will happen in 2015. It’s gotta.

          • NYCityKid

            Great news

  • 1.6180339

    What an amazing month for good music! Started with Wu-Tang. Followed by Ghostface Killah & J. Cole. Then D’Angelo pulls a semi-Beyonce. Wale announces Festivus mixtape. Fashion & Alchemist tape. Now….Miguel. Gotdamn!

    • SonOfSAM

      I was saying the same thing yesterday. December has been amazing for music.

    • Chruth


      • 1.6180339

        how could i even forget that!!

  • JEM

    The best relatively new R&B singer back at it again!!

    • Cory

      Pretty sure that’s Frank Ocean your talking about, Miguel nice though

      • JEM

        Frank Ocean too. They both need to get back at it again.

      • wat

        They’re tied for me. They brought back actual artistry to R&B.

    • hiiipower

      miggy, frankie, and weeknd my top 3.

  • yoyo555
  • kingcolewassup

    coffee is tha shit!

  • BJenks

    I agree about Spitta, so it’s nothing too new to me. Also, I know EPs are meant to be short, but I feel that just because you drop a couple of songs you had, does not mean it should be considered a “surprise project”, you just dropped a couple of joints. I feel that if it’s not something that could have garnered some considerable hype and dropped as a regular album, then you’re just trying to hop on the bandwagon, poorly. Not directed to this project, but I was just thinking in general.

    • hiiipower

      dont get caught up in the labeling…just enjoy the music.

  • $$$

    Soundcloud needs to add a fucking “download entire playlist” feature already. Bullshit

  • Jay Daniels

    I have a feeling this is just a preview. That coffee song is definitely cut short.

  • Sam N

    that hollywooddreams samples Cudder something fierce

  • DungeonMaster


  • HEAT