And Now, Birdman Is On The Cover Of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

blame it on Meka December 21, 2014

So, apparently, it’s been 20 years (TWO. DECADES.) since one Baby Williams polluted the world with introduced the Lugz Birdman Boot, and to celebrate the “occasion” he somehow ends up on the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #11 with The Kingpin – AKA, the most powerful crime boss in the entire Marvel Universe – playing second fiddle.

You ready to see this?

You sure?

Ok, here goes…


I’m even more shocked that Lugz is still in business. And add to the fact that Marvel pulled this stunt earlier with Ratchet Kriss Kross Rae Sremmurd and Captain America? I’m completely over all of this.

No wonder Wayne is in dire straits with YMCMB right now.

  • Ervin Mitchell

    Is this really how he wants to portray himself right now???? Interesting

  • Arun Gopal

    That cover looks dope as fuck honestly

  • Hood Oracle

    this is awesome…I can’t even hate

  • Da Truth

    Damn Meka. Why you hate Birdman so much? Did he buttfuck your cousin back in the 90’s or something?

    • mixtape wayne

      nah more like early 2000s

  • Derek Dixon

    Lugz is not just still alive. They’re booming. I saw ads for the Birdman lugz on this site.

  • Ralphie Got Da Strap

    wayne must be portraying spiderman

  • Ghost Robot

    Yoooooooooooo. I still laugh everytime i hear the #1 stunna

  • junMaf*ckn

    Coppin It. The Comic I Mean.

    I Wouldnt Rock Lugz To My Funeral, B.

  • Pubey

    “I’m completely over all of this.”
    What I am over is Meka’s bullshit attitude. This is pretty nice cover. Meka is acting like he is being inundated with comic crossover covers day in day out without the option to ignore. Lame dick.

  • I won’t even hate on the cover at all, b/c its really fucking dope…

    But why’d Birdman get himself drawn like he just completed the new Rick Ross Workout Plan??

  • fonzo517

    surprised they didn’t draw him rubbing his hands tho haha. still this cover’s pretty dope

  • ✡Still I Rîze✡

    but why isn’t he wearing them

    • Lord

      He is wearing them, you see the bird?

  • This is the best thing Birdman has ever done.

  • bobX9

    But it says Custom Edition… probably just printed a few copies for Birdman and friends