TUT – Preacher’s Son (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake January 5, 2015

If you would’ve asked me where Chattanooga, TN was a couple years ago, I would’ve looked at you like you just asked me for the ingredients of Top Ramen (anyone?). I’d be dumbfounded if I was asked to point it out on a map. But then April of 2013 came around and I was introduced to native emcee, Isaiah Rashad. Now, if you ask me, I’d have pin point accuracy with the finger – in a blindfold.

Hailing from the same city – and same crew, actually (it’s The HOUSE, b*tch!) – comes newcomer, TUT, who made his debut at the DopeHouse last month with a feature in our 2Dope to Sleep On series.

Since then, he’s followed up with “Live From Chattanooga” and the 2DBZ-premiered “Kids These Days.” Both of which demanded attention and helped give listeners an idea of what to expect with his new project, Preacher’s Son.

No need for an “idea” now though as the full thing has finally arrived! Coming in at 16 tracks, the project features Isaiah Rashad (“Sunday Service”), The HOUSE rep Michael Da Vinci (“Corner Stories”) and more. Now stop reading my senseless babble and press play below and head to for a download.

Preacher’s Son is an album that depicts a young man growing up in both the church, and the streets; raised on confronting the traumas of bad choices, experiencing the redemptive power of hope and the overwhelming joys of love and charity.

All sounds mixed and mastered by Ktoven.
Executive production by EC.

  • the black prophet

    dope! is he offering up a download link for this?

    • Daniel Coulbourne

      Yep. Over at #ProudToPay

      • the black prophet

        thanks homie

  • LXRD

    Bout to listen to this but before I do, can someone please explain the new obsession with putting mixtapes on souncloud. I am not downloading shit individually.

    • Sticky

      easier for some listeners who have soundclouds, especially if you get it on your phone

    • Dereksmifz

      He’s offering a proud 2 pay service for HQ mp3’s

    • Daniel Coulbourne

      There’s A High Quality Download over at Pay what you want. #ProudToPay

      • Sticky

        Thanks for the link man, great download

      • Red Ketchup

        Hell yes!

  • Peter Bakke

    So dopeeeeee

  • This dude got something.

  • deez nuts

    yo this cat TUT been dropping some heatrocks on his soundcloud. a full project is what I needed to make me a fan. sounding really good, start to end. this could be something.

    • NervyTomcat

      I felt the same way. Came across him on soundcloud and he’s has been 10/10 ever since I found his stuff. Listening to his tape now…

  • Mitch

    Man this is a cool tape. I just hope nobody acts a fool and only pays like a penny for this shit on his website. I may end up donating a bit because I thoroughly enjoyed it – nice different sound to it

  • reachcloud9

    I don’t know about this shit, I expected better

  • geoffrey brown

    i like the jazzy feel of this tape its cool. when i hear about jazz and rap i think of Cowboy bebop

  • tiiiger named tony

    Support this man. Money well spent. #ProudToPay

  • $pottie Loughrey

    Money very well spent, #proud2pay gonna be bumping this tape a lot this year jus like I did Cilvia Demo. This tape is really dope, really chill

  • AndOneill

    Awhhhh man!!! Great tape from TUT! I have a feelin this be in rotation for a long time. Love this smooth hiphop!!!

  • Bumping this at work now, can’t wait to listen all the way through.

  • shake


  • Diatabawou

    It’s da houuuussseee bbiiiittcccchhhh!!!

  • Quint555555

    artwork is so fire

  • Jackson.

    This is so fucking dope.

  • How the fuck do you download once you’ve paid? I got no link sent to me.

    • Mike

      I was trying to do the same. I didn’t get a link to the HQ download

      • Man, I need this link tonight!…I don’t get it?

        • Daniel Coulbourne

          Check the comment above. Hit me up I’ll hook it up.

      • Daniel Coulbourne

        see comment above

    • Daniel Coulbourne

      In Paypal after paying click Return to TUT and it will take you back to the download page. Tweet me @DCoulbourne with a screenshot of your donation and I’ll send you the link.

      • Got it bro, thank you so much! Whole project is banging!

      • Dru Bonic

        I mistakenly paid $1 twice but I dont even care b/c this is Trill AF

      • xastey

        Bro I dont even use twitter.. got another way just donated.

  • malcyvelli

    This is cool. Had some weak moments lyrically but it rides overall. 7/10

  • Quasi Jr

    Not a fan of the front artwork but the music is very refreshing

  • ConcordsOwn

    I could listen to “Highs & Lows” on repeat. This whole tape rides.

  • Ghost Robot

    slept so hard one this when i first saw this.

  • caleb oberrath

    Smart marketing scheme & great music

  • Dru Bonic

    I came back to let people know I paid 2 doll hairs… this is Serious if you like that Isiah Rashaad chill/sonically pleasing joy. Thanks YGTUT. I’m a fanboy meow.

  • xastey

    I normally dont buy projects but this here. Let me toss some bread your way.

  • ZeusThaGawd

    Perhaps the best mixtape of the year. In my opinion.

  • Nujabes♪

    Straight fire