RAoF: Hotstylz Files Lawsuit Against Eminem For “Rap God” Lyrics

blame it on JES7 January 6, 2015

Nearly over a year ago, Eminem released the video for his DVLP x Filthy produced “Rap God” off The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

In the song, Em referenced and used multiple flows of various rappers, including the much talked about J.J. Fad-“Supersonic” flow, Lakim Shabazz, Pharoahe Monch and a reference to one-hit wonder Hotstylz’s “Lookin’ Boy.”

Now, the Rap Media Takeout TMZ reports that Raymond Jones, aka Raydio G of Hotstylz (who have been inactive since the release of Where Yall Been At lol) has filed a lawsuit against Em and Shady/Aftermath for $8 million over the song and 25-second sample. *le sigh* I understand you gotta make your money, or whatever whatever but is the struggle that bad?

What are your thoughts on this matter? Was the lawsuit needed or uncalled for?

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  • fox

    I knew this would happen. It was brief but he clearly used some of the lyrics and I think the beat was on for a few seconds too? Maybe. It seems desperate but Em should know by now that you have to have clearance. This might get tossed out, though, especially for that amount.

    • jordan

      if 50 cent sued everyone that used “Damn, homie
      In high school you was the man, homie
      The fuck happened to you?” that line, he would be 50 million richer. when u sue, u aim high, and then negotiate down lil bit lol. if the sample here is used and it wasnt cleared from shady records they might have a chance, but if the lyrics are the case, they have no chance.

      • MoyoHambo

        shouldn’t have used some of the beat w/ some lyrics without permission, that’s just negligent. That’s still a soft move by Hotstylz though. It’s not honourable for both parties imo.

  • DC King Of Hearts

    He might as well sue everybody else that used the Lookin Boy. Mac Lethal, R. Kelly, Bow Wow, and all those local ones in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Carolina

    • Mike Gaines

      It makes a difference when you ask for permission.

  • Vick Slate

    hashtag, the struggle is real

  • Ervin Mitchell

    These niggas are CLEARLY just some industry niggas. Who the fuck sues Eminem over some shit like this? No real artist would do that. Only an opportunist ass industry nigga or a broke nigga that got pimped by Yung Joc. Either way….FAIL. It’s not like he stole their song. If anything them bastards probably got more sales because he referenced them. JACKASSES.

  • RedHood

    … LOL …

  • It’s ironic because the only way songs like “Lookin Boy” become one hit wonders is at the attention and cosigning of other artists and DJs. Other, more famous and proven artists freestyle and remix the original and it gains traction. I bet if Eminem did this in 2008 they would have milked it and worked it into a remix.

  • biff tannen

    Em can afford it.

    People gotta eat. The struggle is real.

  • Das Daz-One Dreher

    Complete waste of time. Good luck when you get nothing.

  • Will