2 Chainz & Nancy Grace Debate Marijuana Legalization

blame it on Meka January 14, 2015

Last night, young Tauheed was a special guest on HLN pundit Nancy Grace’s show, and the two of them calmly discussed tHAHAHAHAHA! I couldn’t even finish typing that line out with a straight face.

Basically, Nancy attempted to have Teta essentially speak on behalf the entire weed community to talk the merits of marijuana legalization, and why he supports it despite the fact that a couple of bonehead parents smoked out their toddlers. Because, obviously, that has something to do with weed legalization and rappers, and nothing to do with the fact that those were blithering idiots who shouldn’t have ever been allowed to breed in the first place, right? At one point, she even quotes a line from his song “Feds Watching” to support her argument, and there’s another part where although she’s actually complimenting him on the fact that he’s a college-educated individual who graduated with a 4.0 GPA, the network simultaneously shows a scene from his “Birthday Song” video. Like, come on now; that jig was sky-high as soon as HLN tweeted out the above photo you see.

For the most part, 2 Chainz remained civil throughout this failed attempt at a smear campaign, answering some of her nonsensical questions and handling her rants (which constantly veer off from the topic at hand) like a professional. It’s nowhere near as epic as Cam’ron and Dame Dash’s epic run-in with Bill O’Reilly, but it’s up there in pure absurdity.

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  • Sonny LoSpecchio

    *slow clap*

    • scoggs

      I’m most proud that he kept a level head throughout. I’d personally blow a gasket trying to have a reasonable discussion with them. Good job Tity Boy!

      • ChrisRoman

        Yup! Thought it was actually a good look from hip hop when most often bitches like Nancy Grace get people on their show in an attempt to ridicule them.

  • The Truth✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    And 2 Chainz proves that he has been successfully trolling everyone with his music.

  • Saint Louis

    2Chainz is a fucking joke

    • Ghost Robot

      he doesn’t get it

  • thatrandomguy


    • LupeX

      you win!

  • kushdaddy

    First off Nancy Grace is a bitch and she know damn well aint nothing wrong with smoking weed. And second what about alcohol and cigarettes that kill people everyday and gives people cancer. But weed something that can cure cancer or take thepain down is bad. American is worried about the wrong shit in my eyes and I give it up to 2 Chainz for not going off off on her ass like I would of.

    • jordan

      You are so wrong. 2 wrongs dont make it right. Why are you comparing weed to alcahol or cigarettes? Weed kills your braincells and also makes you forget lot of shit. Theres so many accidents while driving high, and most ppl that get cought with weed in a first place like 2 chainz said is when they drive with weed. This is like the 60’s when they where telling you cigareetes are good for you, they are doing same shit here. They dont care about our health they just want to make money. Weed doesnt cure cancer you idiot, it prevents it from growing or slows it down, gives ppl apetite while they have cancer so they can eat. Ppl that want to smoke already have ways to get it. Most ppl that get arrested with weed either have it with them while comuting some place or are smoking in the streets. Theres so many more that dont get cought then the ones that get cought. Why do you want it to be legal? They already decreminalized it in so many states. it will raise prices, they will come up with more check points, cops will be more stricter about the dui. they will start drug teating more at work. It will affect everyone. And dont give me that bullshit, weed
      Makes u relaxed and it never killed anyone blah blah
      Blah. Because it never killed anyone you cant deny that its also harmful to your body, dont act like its a perfect drug and it doesnt have any side effects

      • OPTIK

        Yo I don’t know if you smoke bud or not but you can’t spell for shit!!! I recently visited Denver and I love their situation. Some spots tax the hell outta you but a lot of them run good deals. Plus you can’t get that kind of variety, quality or convenience on a consistent basis in states where its not legal. And say what you will about brain cells but that hasn’t stopped some of my friends from becoming doctors. Don’t believe the hype. It seems like you’re feeding into the propaganda.

        • jordan

          i swear i wrote that half a sleep, but i admit, i suck at spelling. Im not falling for nothing, this bitch is retarded. All im saying is, its better if its decriminalized then if its taxed. obviously regular dealer isnt gonna have the same varieties as the dispensaries lol. and i know lot of ceos who smoked too, that doesnt mean shit. im not saying weed is bad. im saying legalization is bad, because right now ppl that smoke and drive get away with lot of shit because they put eye drops but soon as they bring the breathalyzer they wont get away with dui. come on ppl, this ppl are trying to make money of us. let it be legal in couple states but thats it.

          • OPTIK

            I feel you homie, but I’m in Miami and we have quality here but sometimes all of my connects are not available simultaneously and when I finally make contact I end up being disappointed. I think everyone should have access to quality. I agree they are trying to make money but so are dealers. And they will screw you over even more. So I will spend extra for quality and convenience. Feel my pain? LOL

          • jordan

            well yes, its lot safer to obtain and also lot easier to choose and what not, but theres other side to it. The good stuff will be expensive, lot more kids will have access to it, there will be lot more DUI, there will be lot more drug tests at works or people playing professional sports. people are already switching to wax and stuff because they are too use to regular high. who you think is buying all the stocks of marijuana? People that are already rich, thats who. I like how NYC decriminalized weed up to 25 grams, that way you will just get a ticket and go to court instead of going to jail for the day or getting arrested and having a record. In nyc, they already have a delivery services to bring it to your place, with bunch of varieties,edibles,papers,pre rolled etc..

          • biff tannen

            Literally the worst argument I’ve read on this subject.

          • scoggs

            I think the people driving stoned get away with it for the most part because they aren’t dangerous drivers. I’m not advocating anybody to get out there and smoke while high, but I think driving tired is worse than driving stoned and at certain times it’s even worse than driving drunk.

            If that’s the only reason to not legalize it it’s a pretty bullshit one.

      • kushdaddy

        Nobody said it was a perfect drug and I know people who have had cancer that smoked weed and either are healed or say it helps them a lot. As for the brain cells, I’ve been smoking since I was 14 and I’m 27 now with a masters from Notre Dame. I’m not about to write a disortation about this but hey people are allowed to feel how they want.

        • Mez D

          Must be the weed lol

      • biff tannen

        I completely disagree with damn near everything you’re saying.


        • jordan

          you’re disagreeing that it kills your braincells? you’re disagreeing that they gonna have breathalyzers and if you get caught driving you will get a DUI and gets on your record? You’re disagreeing that more professions will require drug tests more frequently? My argument is regarding legalization of recreational use and not medical marijuana. First off all, war against medical marijuana is dropped on the federal level, second, there’s already 4 states that have it totally legal, and there’s also a city in Maine called South Portland which legalized it. Medical Marijuana should be legal in all states because they do less harm, compared to all the other strong pharmaceutical drugs that are out there. Cannabis Should be decriminalized in the whole country but not legal to smoke recreationally.

          • padawan_killah

            you are misinformed and spreading 1950s propaganda rhetoric in 2015. credible evidence at this point does not indicate any neurotoxic effects on the brain.

            i would disagree with essentially every claim you have on the topic of cannabis (ironically, you disagree with yourself on several topics). preventing the legalization is damn near a human rights issue.


          • jordan

            you know exactly what i mean. i didnt say dont smoke it, or pot kills people. saying that pot doesnt kill your braincells is retarded and no im not getting my facts from studies that were conducted when they were suffocating monkey’s with abundance of joints. Canadians already came up with Breathalyzer that detects THC. if kids see older people smoking it frequently, they will adopt it at the younger age. you just blinding yourself from the negative impact that comes with the legalization.

          • Sticky

            you are terribly misinformed. It’s 2015 now man, stop accepting everything you were preached at face value. You clearly have internet so why not take advantage of it. There has only been one study that linked smoking weed to a loss of brain cells and in the study the researchers gave monkeys nothing but weed smoke for an extended period of time. All this study proved was that suffocating monkeys kills their brain cells.

          • Sticky

            Kids will want to do drugs no matter what. Yeah there might be a higher usage of weed in minors due to legalization but if it means fewer kids drinking alcohol then that’s still a win.

          • Sticky

            show me any evidence that pot kills braincells

          • jordan
          • Sticky

            Spice is not weed. I’m confused about what you’re trying to prove.

          • padawan_killah

            i dont think you are getting your “facts” from anywhere other than word of mouth.

            “saying that pot doesnt kill your braincells is retarded”

            WRONG (one of many studies below)


            there is overwhelming positive intrinsic values of hemp and cannabis which i am not going to waste time and explain here (get to your googles)

            then there is your asinine claim that law enforcement doesnt care about weed anymore when 60 thousand individuals are behind bars for marijuana offenses costing taxpayers $1.2 billion per year. In addition, $7.5 billion and $10 billion are spent arresting and prosecuting individuals for marijuana related violations; 90 percent of those arrests are only for possession. via NORML

            also, the use of breathalyzers is a regulatory issue, not legislative. a detracting argument at best.

          • biff tannen

            Thank you for taking the time to type all that shit out as I was far too lazy to do so especially for someone who is clearly I’ll informed on the many issues the legalization of Marijuana will impact.

          • marty mcfly

            Alcohol and cigarettes have killed a billion people fam. I’m sorry but smoking weed aint comparable to these other “drugs”

          • jordan

            you guys missed my point. i didnt say dont smoke it will kill you. all i said was not to legalize it.

          • marty mcfly

            Well me personally I think its gonna be the same outcome. Whether its legal or illegal people are still gonna smoke. The only thing I could say is it would be nice to not go to jail just cause you get caught with a bag of weed.

          • Ghost Of Len Bias

            go to school.

          • Troy Terry

            weed doesn’t kill brain cells, the test they did on animals was a bad test which suffocated the animals cutting off brain circulation and damaging brain cells

      • Sticky

        although the weed is more expensive that is a short-term problem and Washington is already looking for ways to make it more competitive with medical and black market prices. Also, commercial weed is tested for purity and potency, a good portion is actually thrown out because they find bacteria or yeast in it.
        I agree that two wrongs don’t make a right but if Nancy Grace wants to make the argument that weed shouldn’t be legal based on the premise that it can be used to abuse children then you have to look at anything that can do that, not just single one thing out that doesn’t affect you. A bad diet is harmful to children, too much of some vitamins or minerals is harmful, children could be abused with alcohol, cigarettes, or even nyquil.

      • tk

        it would be better to have it be legal and pay a little tax then constantly be looking over your shoulder. i have my medical card, and have had multiple low back surgeries and still need at least 2 more. i am in extreme pain ever second of everyday of my life and i am only 20 years old. weed is one of the only things to help me get through the day eat be social take my mind of the pain. yes it has some side effects but the positives easily outweigh the negatives its definately not for everyone but it has many medicinal purposes and helps many many people and should be available to the people who need it legally. It is most definately not something that should be illegal that people can get arrested for. i got arrested for that shit when i was younger not driving, before it became medically available to me, and it fucked up my life when i was just tryna get thru the day

    • ~X~


  • Mills

    Fuck that ho.

  • DynamoJack

    *sigh* I feel sorry for people with outdated views on marijuana. with everything else going on this world and the millions of other things that could kill you, a green plant that grows from the earth is to blame? LOL

    & they tried it with the smear campaign, failed, but tried..

  • Big O

    Haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  • triPAUD

    didn’t even watch this. Nancy grace is hurting for subject matter because this is just a stupid argument. You said it in the intro, its pretty much common sense.

  • leutrim

    2Chainz’s actual persona is such a departure from his music. It’s honestly the greatest reminder that most rappers are just acting in their music.

    • Lupe

      exactly.makes me wonder why ross gotta be ross 24/7

      • leutrim

        Well, Ross’ is selling you the illusion of the gangster lifestyle, in a way, because we know he’s full of shit. I don’t think that’s the case with 2Chainz, who’s just a nice guy who makes fun music and just happens to be really smart too. Then you have rappers like Gucci Mane and Jeezy who actually did that shit (or still do shit like Gucci) and they’re selling us the authenticity in their music.

        • Lupe

          i get that,but ross already been exposed.i don’t really mind him selling his music persona but it makes it very difficult relate to him and his music if he’s ALWAYS in ross mode.wouldn’t it be refreshing if he released some music about his life as a William Roberts for once?

  • Goldee

    The only thing that should shock you about this video is the fact that Nancy Grace is considered a news program in America.

  • jordan

    Im i the only one that smokes and doesnt want it to be legal?

    • Sticky

      yes, that’s stupid.

    • Troy Terry

      nigga you must be one of those guys who thinks if its legal everyone will do it making it uncool

    • tk

      you must sell the buds then

  • Will

    Nancy Grace is such a bitch

  • biff tannen

    2chainz surprised me. Dude kept his composure with that annoying hag.

    • Henny and Weed

      he’s smart

    • JME

      Maybe he was high

      • MoyoHambo
    • Reezy

      If anything he did keep his cool.

  • LaFlame

    I live in Holland where weed is legal. I can tell you that our community functions properly with the fact that weed is legal. People that are high on weed dont cause any problems. Drunk people get into car accidents and get agressive

    • RedHood

      THIS ^^^^^^^ >>>>>>>>>>>>> Over anyone else’s argument…

  • Steven_Sangria

    People need to know the difference between smoking weed and actually using the marijuana plant to heal.

  • mighty x

    this bitch is so dumb….

  • Check

    First time I see this woman (I’m not from the States). She’s a fucking retard, 2 chains could have demolished her in this interview if he wanted.

  • RedHood

    This chick seems like an absolute fucking idiot, and although i like 2chains she made him look a bit stupid. he was not very good with counter arguments at all. granted all of her arguments she put forward were fucking retarded, but that SHOULD have made it easier for him to counter… i was watching it shouting the counter arguments out loud at the screen lol. oh and for the record i agree with the legalisation of pot 100%.

  • E=McSquarian

    only reason people look up to him cause he hella tall dude cant make good music

  • E=McSquarian

    i dont like 2 chains but damn she is being a bitch to him lol

  • marty mcfly

    Hip Hop is political and has the potential to be taken as serious as a political party the same way the Tea Party is…

  • NYCityKid

    “No but I was selling pot” lol

  • Reezy

    I don’t understand why 2 Chainz would even agree to go on this show… The only Hip Hop Artists to Son mainstream news media is Camron & Dame Dash. Period.

  • breezy

    he killed that cracka bitch!!!

  • ThinkinUpAMasterPlan

    This shit is fake as a motherfucker. They only reason they had this “debate” was for publicity for both of them and you simple minded niggas eat it up.

    • padawan_killah

      isnt everything on tv for publicity?

      • ThinkinUpAMasterPlan

        Obviously. What I’m saying is that it that its not to bring attention to the issue but to bring attention to the people. You’d have to be pretty gullible to think this is a real debate.

        • padawan_killah

          i think it does some of both

          • ThinkinUpAMasterPlan

            Do you truly believe anybody will be moved by this one debate or that anyone who watches or hears about this video isn’t already aware of the topic? This shit is less effective than internet activism.

          • padawan_killah

            nah, but i think its a relevant topic and has sparked/continued discussions about the issue, which never hurts

          • ThinkinUpAMasterPlan

            Lmao you’re acting as if it isn’t a very popular subject. This debate does nothing but give both of them attention.

          • padawan_killah

            2chainz also represented hip hop in good form here to an audience that most generally demonizes us.. so theres that as well

  • he got her to say “tity boi”

    he wins.

  • Jerry Says

    You know what’s scarier than Marijuana? The millions of conservative old white bitches across the nation that eat up every word Nancy Grace says.

  • realtalk82

    Lmfao “Tity Boi” she went there..Smfh. No offense to anyone on here but White America is gonna watch that and eat that up quick. Those videos of those fuck tard parents and their kids were absolutely useless in the this debate. Bad parent making stupid kids= more Nancy Grace’s of the world. I’m gonna make a video of me giving my kids straight Hennessey on the rocks and see where that takes me.

  • LexLume

    Any intelligent person, white or black, would see that she is just fishing for a reason. She needs view and ratings for her horrible tv show so she invites a fucking rapper to talk about weed legalization. That’s like interviewing a male porn star on lowering the retail cost of viagra.

    Nevertheless 2 chainz held his own. Wish he could have said more but she was interrupting him every chance she got.

  • DrQuentinQQuinn

    2 chainz did so good i’m proud

  • Lennox

    This woman said his lyrics are “incredible.” GTFOH. But I have to forgive her on that comment since she isn’t that knowledgeable about Hip Hop lyrics lol. But he did good in the interview though.

  • shake

    Just got around to watching this. Good job Tity.