A$AP Yams Has Died

blame it on Meka January 18, 2015

This is definitely not the news I wanted to wake up to.

Steven Rodriguez, also known as A$AP Yams, has tragically passed away this morning. Known for his hilarious non sequiturs, birthmark and trademark business savvy, Rodriguez was pivotal in the creation and foundation of the A$AP Mob, as well as guide the careers and current success of both A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg.

The news was first confirmed on the A$AP Mob’s Twitter account.

Rocky, Ferg, Drake and Ty Dolla $ign, and many more all took to their respective social media accounts to pay tribute to their fallen friend.


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Yams was 26.

  • J Worthy

    So how’d he die??

    • fox

      The last thing he tweeted about was codeine and that was around 1 a.m. on Saturday. That could possibly be the reason. That shit is dangerous.

      • Eitherr

        so it was not a natural death after all

      • Ghost Robot

        hear so much bout niggas sleeping and not getting back up

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      No CoD has been released, but the speculation is easter pink.

    • Andrew Wiggins


  • Ralphie Got Da Strap
    • Anthony Stark

      Always $trive and Prosper. RIP Yams

    • crackpot87

      Kids need to put that ole E down too lol, bud lite should be the lowest level for any beer drinker in their mid 20s

  • Freshsup

    RIP Yams.

  • fox

    RIP Yams!

  • Dave

    When the real niggas die, fake niggas gon’ multiply.

  • Tev Milli

    Wow man… RIP big homie

  • shane wood

    RIP to the puerto rican R Kelly

  • thatdude

    RIP Yams. But seriously, this is nuts. hip hop has a drugs problem. and as long as whack ass rappers keep talking about this shit, people will continue to die from it. and when they die, we glorify them and make them out to be saints and nobody has anything to say about the codiene and all the other shit theyve been promoting in their songs. take some damn responsibility. pisses me off that these niggas dont realize their music has power and effects peoples’ life choices

    • fox

      I understand the point you’re trying to make but this has been happening way before hip-hop arrived. Substance abuse has always been part of the music/art world.

    • marty mcfly

      You acting like Hip Hop has a long list of deaths by overdose or something. Thats a reach. This is too bad though. Peace to ASAP Yams and the rest of the Mob.

    • NYCityKid

      Yea easy on that soap box my man. Let the nigga rest in peace. People are gonna do what they’re gonna do regardless.

    • tk

      come on look at all the rockstars to die

  • JEM

    Fucked up. Watched all of em grow since 2011 when Rocky blew up…smh.

    Rest easy bro.

  • PatrickBateman

    Damn this is sad news. Hopefully this pushes the mob together and they release some new music in remembrance for Yams

  • ftk43

    Say no to drugs, kids. RIP, without him there would be no ASAP, and i’m not sure that there will be ASAP now after his death.

  • kingcolewassup

    i remember watchin him in tha Peso video. RIP Yams.

  • JML-G

    RIP… but Troy Ave was right – rappers used to be drug dealers, but today they are drug addicts

    • Selorm Amuzu

      rappers were also drug addicts back in the day, can we stop getting stuck in the past like it was the most glorious of times?

      • Prince Akeem

        seriously, this “the 90’s were perfect” nostalgia is the biggest load of crap I ever seen

  • AndOneill

    RIP yams!!!

  • Paul Watson

    RIP Yamborgihni

  • Pizza Steve

    Dam. Rip

  • Check

    Damn, first time I heard that Trap Lord intro I was nearly in tears. I’ve seen a few interviews with Yams, was a funny dude. RIP Yams.

    • we’ll see doe

      Sri Ramana Marshi! that guy is like a hero. and rip yams, cool guy. sucks that his drug addiction couldn’t be stopped somehow

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Damn I cannot believe it myself. Dudes gotta keep pushin harder now. Keep dudes memory alive by sticking together.

  • RIP Yamborghini

  • LG

    These little niggas really be hard core drug abusers. No sleep flying around the country all the time on Xanax and codeine smoking every hour on the hour will catch up to u. Fast.

  • Damn – Rest in power Yams.

  • DIesel

    Fuck.. what a loss to our culture.

    RIP Yams. A$AP forever.

  • YeDaTruth

    I was genuinely shocked and saddened by this news. Yams was not only a founding member of A$AP Mob before Rocky and Ferg joined, but was also an incredibly in-depth hip-hop head, and ran the A$AP Mob Worldwide label with Rocky. Dude was hilarious in real life and on social media.

    R.I.P. Wavybone

  • Guest

    hoisted by one’s own petard

  • Guest


  • Guest

    RIP Yams

  • BlessThaGawd Nico

    R.I.P. YAMS!


    R.I.P YAMZ

  • wikig1itch

    Sad shit, but this is why I don’t fuck with drugs personally.

  • ima fuck a goth chic in his honor…


  • fuckyou

    cant even feel sad for em

  • NYCityKid

    R.I.P Yams, hope your doin better now

  • J Wes

    Damn 2015 jus started