Random Acts Of F*ckery: Mike Jones’ Super Bowl “Commercial”

blame it on Meka February 2, 2015

You likely missed this (as I’m positive they couldn’t foot the $4.5 million bill it costs to air it during the actual game), but Mike Jones took part in the Super Bowl XLIX festivities also albeit not in the same manner as Missy or John Legend. Nah, the guy who made his phone number the most infamous 10 digits in rap history (that’s “281-330-8004,” in case you forgot) starred in an advert for the esteemed Law Offices of Mark P. Jones that was aired in the great city of Columbus, Georgia during the game.

While it’s not as memorable as Manny Pacquiao’s San Manuel Casino spot…

… or as epic as Uncle Murda’s Pawn Rite (Woo Wooo Woooo!) commercial…

… it did technically air during the Super Bowl, so that’s a win in my eyes!

  • 17 Time NBA Champs

    How you Patriots haters doin out there?

  • Arun Gopal

    This is pretty dope

    • triPAUD

      and to be honest, a lawyer should be on a lot more cats’ minds

  • Danny

    This dude looks like he knows how to launder money real well.

    • Slim256

      The Saul Goodman of Columbus, GA.

  • This was a random act of fuckery..how?
    Stop bein’ a sadity, Meka.

    • Motion Fiction Media

      It’s random acts of fuckery cuz the commercial is cheesy.

      • MoyoHambo

        when the lawyer sang his #, I was done.

      • Nigga it’s a commercial for an attorney – fuck you expect? Some David Fincher-type shit?

        • wikig1itch

          David Fincher was a commercial/music video director before he moved to films though. So to answer your question; Yes, I would like some David Fincher-type shit.

          • triPAUD

            right..cause that’s cost effective. we wouldn’t be talking about this if it was that type of commercial. the point is to stand out, not fit in.

          • wikig1itch

            You’d be surprised what people can create with next to no budget. And if the point of this ad was to stand out then they failed at that. This is like every ad I see on local access channel

          • triPAUD

            I’ve seen some local lawyer adds, but not many like this. The one other I can think of has a talking dog, it looked cheaper, and hell if I remember that dude’s name… They try to get this appeal but mostly come off the same. I bet you can’t name one, and if so its cause they paid to have that shit spammed on daytime tv.

          • wikig1itch

            I’m not an expert on Lawyer ads like you, so I’ll just take your word for it.

  • Snoop Dogg

    funny as fuck lmaoooooooo. mike joneeeeessssss

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Mark Jones have that ” I killed her but please spare me” look. LMAO!! Uncle Murda shit was pure comedy.

  • fonzo517

    gotta get paid somehow

  • JuiceCrewAllStar