GoldLink & Rick Rubin Working On Joint LP!

blame it on Shake February 17, 2015

Ever since GoldLink first broke our door down with “On&On” back in 2013, we’ve been following the DMV native’s every move. From The God Complex to to his impressive take on Kendrick’s “The Heart pt.2” – and just about every loosie since.

Today, GoldLink’s stock rises as it’s been revealed he and the legendary Rick Rubin are working on a collaborative project!

Although no details have been released, the two were highlighted in VSCO’s new feature – where Rubin speaks highly of GoldLink’s distinct style and ability to “move hip hop forward in new, unexpected ways.”

GoldLink adds a new chapter to Rick’s storied musical legacy. Instrumental to hip hop’s beginnings, Rick is now invested in seeing it advance. He says, “GoldLink connects progressive rap styles with cutting edge dance music. He bridges the electronic DJ culture with hip hop in a way we haven’t heard before.” It’s GoldLink’s ability “to move hip hop forward in new, unexpected ways” that Rick says drew him to GoldLink’s style, in addition to his voice and charisma.

For GoldLink, working with Rick Rubin “has opened the floodgates of creativity so wide” that he feels there are no limits. He’s striving to be bigger and working to “restlessly perfect” the quality of his music. As Rick says, “If it’s good, it’s undeniable.”

Yeah… sign us up!

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  • RedHood


  • god i’m hyped af, this could be amazingly dope

  • Enjoyer of Music

    Happy for him but keep Rubin AWAY from hip-hop.

    • Troy Terry

      GTFOH Rick is a hip hop legend now and forever

      • Enjoyer of Music

        So is KRS-ONE, doesn’t mean that I want to hear from him in 2015. Legends do fall off.

  • Vick Slate

    Shake’s end of the year list put me on to GoldLink. This news has me hype

  • Sirilly


  • Damn, what an unexpected collab.

  • oldhoeyournewwife

    That’s ill to see the older cats just like something and run with it. No need for buzz or cosigns or name drops. If you like it be brave and reach back and help pull forward. Dope.

    • DjKhaled is MyFather

      Rubin has always been that way

  • 91&^UP

    Sounds promising apart from the Rick Rubin part

  • Idk which Rubin we’re going to get: the one that sits on sofas barefoot and only contribution to the entire project is “i like that”; -or- the Rick Rubin that’s stuck in 1984 and thinks rap instrumentals need a guitar riff sample in order for it to get played on MTV.
    I hope its the one that dont do shit.

    • RedHood

      you know nothing john snow.

    • JEM


  • $nicka

    Poor Waldo been on Sango beats for the longest and goldlink comes in and takes all the light. He is better though.

  • sherlockhomey

    I actually went back and checked out dude’s effort from last year.

    I’m surprised that I glossed over The God Complex. Fucking Planet Paradise…. (mainly due to the Minnie Riperton sample) whew! Dude is pretty unique and can obviously rap. I am now interested in this.

  • Sofa King Nice

    Interested to see how this turns out. God Complex was probably my fave project last year, hope he carries on working with Louie Lastic & Soulection too


    Ahhh that’s why kaytranada was spotted with rick.