Fashawn – The Ecology (Album Stream)

blame it on Shake February 20, 2015

After much delay and countless setbacks, Fashawn has finally released his long-awaited album, The Ecology. Originally supposed to be released next Tuesday (Feb. 24), the Fresno native decided to release it early to give y’all something to jam over the weekend!

With features from Nas (“Something To Believe In“), Dom Kennedy (“Golden State Of Mind“), BJ the Chicago Kid, Aloe Blacc and Choosey, the 14-track offering can be heard below. Take a listen and be sure to hit iTunes for a download.

  • Sofa King Nice

    DOPE. So glad Fash came through with this one.

  • Johnnie Rawker

    too cold. Fashawn got a real banger here

  • xastey

    Been listening to this all day. Great Project. Need to go copy me a copy, sorta wish he had a hard copy so I can put it with my Boy Meets World copy.. o well.

    • padawan_killah
      • UniversallyUndecidedUnknown

        any word on bonus tracks? any special editions or anything of that nature?

      • xastey

        Good looks

    • June

      It ‘s on I order it

  • ForeverWePush

    This will be a top three hip hop project this year. Fash in rare form.

  • real good LP sonically real solid this is dope

  • Sketch’d

    Bet y’all didn’t know Fashawn is half Mexican? Shout out to my Mexicanos! Fash is best known for being unknown, this dude is slept on so much! “Boy Meets World” was incredible, Santiago did it again!!

    Btw, XXL Freshmen Class of 2010….HAVE BEEN PUTTING OUT SOME SOLID PROJECTS! Fashawn, J. Cole, Big Sean, Freddie Gibbs, Jay Rock, Wiz Khalifa, Donnis. What XXL Class do you think is best?

    • dwightschrute

      MAN WHAT HAPPENED TO DONNIS?!? this class is the best imo, 09 a close 2nd

    • BounceB

      I gotta say that 09 class Wale, Blu, Asher Roth, Curren$y, Charles Hamilton, Kid Cudi, B.O.B, Mickey Factz, Cory Gunz, Ace Hood have a slight advantage over the ’10 class..the 09 class was just so underground and raw XXL did there homework for that one…

    • cam

      Wiz hasn’t put out anything good since Taylor Allderdice.. With that being said the 2010 class is the best..

    • Sticky

      I’d also have to say ’09. IMO the only three great projects for the ’10 class since the cover are forest hills and piñata. Hopefully ill be able to add dark sky, ecology and many more to the list tho. 2009 Has many dope curren$y projects, many dope blu projects(imo), one or two great asher either projects(pabst & jazz and maybe retrohash), mickey mause, and MOTM 1 & 2. Wale and b.o.b. could still make a dope project too

    • marty mcfly

      The 2009 XXL Freshman Class was the best because it was further confirmation of CHANGE taking place… Up until then Hip Hop was in a culture clash for artistic supremacy and that was going on for years. It was 50 Cent vs Kanye West on multiple levels cause when I say “50 Cent”, what I mean is him and The Game, T.i, Jeezy, Wayne etc… all holding down a certain aesthetic of what people thought a “rapper” was supposed to be and when I say “Kanye West” what I mean is him, Lupe Fiasco, Gnarles Barkley, M.I.A etc.. All coming outta left field with a whole new perspective. On an underground level you had a whole new type of “rapper” building up momentum and emerging that was alot closer to a Kanye West then a 50 Cent as well as some mysterious guy named Jay Electronica… So in 2009 when you see some of those guys all break through at once on XXL such as Blu, Charles Hamilton, Mickey Factz, B.O.B, Asher Roth, Wale, Cudi, Curren$y… It was basically validating the idea that indeed Hip Hop was about to go in a whole other direction. The 2009 cover imo is thee cover and really the main reason why the Freshman Class even matters. The other classes were dope too but 2009’s cover signified a changing of the guard artistically in Hip Hop.

      • Sticky

        Truest shit ever, to me charles Hamilton embodied that idea more than any other artist around him and it’s a shame he didn’t blow up. I’m glad to see he still may tho

        • marty mcfly

          I was rooting for Blu back then cause he was like hitting the reset button on the culture and Below The Heavens could pretty much hang with any project at the time that people were all gassed up about on a commercial level. Anyway 2015 is off to a good start with alot of dope music but as far as albums go? Tetsuo & Youth is still hovering at the top for that AOTY spot imo but its alot of dope shit going on though…

          • Sticky

            It took me awhile to get into blu but now he’s prob in my top 10 discography wise

      • Sticky

        Along with the fact that it showed you could make it in the rap game through rap bligs

        • marty mcfly

          Creatively Hip Hop was coming back down to earth from private jet rap to more imaginative paper planes so I gotta give M.I.A her credit for coming outta nowhere with a style that basically embodied that change which later led up to a cover like the 2009 Freshman Class.

          • BounceB

            I really was pulling for Blu because I thought Blu could be commercially where JCole is now..but to me Blu made mistakes in his music he should have propelled after that roots album…Charles also failed and Asher had huge momentum but never could capitalize on the white subarban rapper thing because he was too hip hop to be honest and others like mac miller and macklemore came to fill that void..BOB was actually with the best chance to infiltrate mainstream ina big way but he has regressed since his first album to the point I dont think people checking for him anymore similar to Cudi..Of everyone on that cover I thought Wale had the best chance to be the dopest and biggest espcially after The Mixtape About Nothing which I consider to be a classic its just too good but he has gradually regressed and MMG didn’t help him with his identity and fan base

          • marty mcfly

            Blu wouldn’t have been where Cole is at because first of all Blu isnt backed by Jayz and RocNation, he didn’t start his early career on tour with Jayz and Rihanna on a platinum album called BP3 and on a song called A Star Is Born and then after that go right over to a tour with Drake who was the hottest new artist out at the time… I give Cole his credit for his mixtape build up but Blu would never do a Work Out song so therefore he’s not meant for commercial fame and mainstream audience. I wanted Blu to just make his mark for the heads and the underground, I never expected him to become a big success commercially. I don’t really think the artists you named failed because if we talking about being popular on a Hip Pop music level? Some people just aint into that. Thats a step that Hip Hop purests have to be willing to work for, sacrifice for and play political games for and alot of them just aint willing to do that. Alot of them would just rather have a solid base underground (Murs, Tech N9ne, Curren$y, Dilated etc…) and not have to deal with the commercial side at all because in most cases, it don’t work out anyway and even when it does, most those artists have traded in most of their publishing and signed 360 deals and are giving up most of the money they make in return for all that fame so some artists feel like it aint worth it. Its worth it for those who start selling millions of records but for MCs of the purest form? Thats just not gonna happen for most. I mean it happens for Macklemore, Mac Miller, J Cole, Drake… I mean Action Bronson might go Eminem status but that wasn’t gonna happen with Blu.

          • marty mcfly

            Also as far as Asher being too Hip Hop? I don’t think a white rapper can be too Hip Hop because who is a white rapper gonna be compared to? Eminem and how many white rappers are better then Em? Like none so a white rapper can kick all the bars and lyrical driven Hip Hop he wants and that becomes Hip Pop but if a black MC shows up in the mainstream spitting lyrical driven Hip Hop that same crowd would call him a sellout for not staying in his place which would be in the shadows of the underground. For example, with Cyhi, the fans are gonna say well does he have mass appeal? a hit single? an image? mainstream cosigns? is he relevant to commercial fans? Is his fame at a level worthy of our support?… With Action Bronson none of that matters as long as he has rap skills.

  • ONMY88SHiT

    That bonus track is fucking ill too! Why wasn’t that on the leak lol

    (Don’t worry Fash I’m copping the vinyl on the 24th haha)

    • BounceB

      Samething I was thinking why wasnt that track 14 bonus on the leak lol

  • espyy

    I’m in love.

  • Paul Watson

    new dom kennedy verse, yes please

  • BoRed

    I preordered on iTunes and I got the whole album already. Anybody else?

    • shake

      Turns out he released it early to combat a leak.

  • The man finally did it, long awaited retail from one of my favorites+

  • Just the tip

    That joint with Busta tho.

  • JEM

    Best project that’s dropped this year so far.

  • onlytheflyest

    been waiting on him to drop

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Album was excellent. Good look for Hip-Hop in Feb. Some memorable albums are dropping that will become classics.

  • realtalk82

    This album shits on Big Seans I’m sorry how can anyone miss out on this?

    • marty mcfly

      I gotta go with Big Sean on this one and imo the Fash-ionably Late mixtape shoulda been part or half of The Ecology album.

      • realtalk82

        I can respect that I just like Fashes flows and rhymes better. Guess Who’s back is better than half of Seans records IMO

      • realtalk82

        But again time and place for everything I will turn up to Sean mostly and when I wanna hear straight HipHop and betters flows I would go for this easy.

        • marty mcfly

          Sean kinda went in with rhymes and flows breh. I mean Fashawn was cool but he kinda just laid back on this album musically imo. Sean was goin in like he was still on a Detroit corner trying to get on.

          • realtalk82

            I just didn’t feel it I guess. Don’t get me wrong had had some dope content, some stuff just never had me rewinding records over and over except maybe Win Some Lose some, which I mostly replay becuase he kills that record and the production is fire. But I get Seans appeal.

  • Really dope album – the bonus track is one of my faves man, incredible.

  • SoulCityAM

    amazing album. each song is beautiful.
    definitely the album of the year. matches my style.

  • One

    imo, this Album took the aoty spot from joey badass and is the current album to beat. Perfect follow up to boy meets world.

    Next contender: kendrick