J. Cole Sits Down With Tavis Smiley [Full Interview]

blame it on Shake March 18, 2015

J. Cole sat down with Tavis Smiley last night for an in depth discussion about music, family and aspirations.

With 24 minutes on the clock, Cole speaks on his new album, developing his storytelling ability, growing up at the 2014 Forest Hills Drive address as a kid, the importance of family, his musical influences, and more.

Cole also breaks down “A Tale Of Two Citiez,” “Love Yourz” and “Fire Squad.”

  • shake

    Cole world. I love where hip hop is going. Cole, K. Dot, etc. Mainstream music is shifting, even if it’s slowly.

    • Pingerz

      yeah, I think its all just a matter of artists sticking up to the record labels and making albums they want, instead of what they are being told to do. Which J Cole said he learned after his 1st album

      • LastNameEverFirstNameGreatest

        record labels do what the money ie consumers tell them to do…and in the end, its sadly all about the money.

        • Soul Provida

          100 hundred percent all about money. The root of all evil.

    • Mak 537

      good job on the site redesign

    • FriendsWit DaDealer

      I think it’ll turn out to be a gift and a curse. Cause once mainstream catches on to the ideas, and ways of thinking pushed by Cole n K. Dot it’ll become less genuine. Mainstream always waters down everything.

      • Aint that the truth. But I’ll take what I can get until that happens cuz music for the past 6 years has sucked goat balls. Hopefully J.Cole, Kendrick, Pryhme and others along those lines get more push. Same for r&b. Come on JODECI……..

    • LastNameEverFirstNameGreatest

      nah man, sadly i disagree..this music will always be made. But the highest percentage of listeners want mainstream ratchet, and thats the sad truth…BUt its great to know that there will always be artists like you mentioned striving to do better than the mainstream trends..

    • Jorgefacekillah

      Random: shake what books you reading or recommend?

  • fikkid

    Cole’s amazing

  • JME

    Great watch. This man is only going to get more interesting as time goes on.

  • Jon Muru

    Decent inisght into Cole.

    • Jon Muru

      Oh, and the beat on the outro though!

  • Black

    Great interview & Forest Hills Drive is a great album

    • ondaBEATwitmyBOPinmyBEEFnBROCS

      nah, chill.

  • Maurice ReBe’ Bass

    Why does this video look like it was made in 96′?

    • jrho


    • Mez D


    • If you watch it directly on Dailymotion, you can change the resolution. That shit annoyed me too.

  • FriendsWit DaDealer

    Man Cole’s struggle to grow that full beard is real….ok lemme check out the interview now.

  • JOM

    2014 Forest Hills Drive > To Pimp A Butterfly

    • JRF

      Why even compare the two? They’re two different beast..
      What you need to be worried about is this joint album that they’re about to do.