Freddie Gibbs – “My Dope House” (prod. KAYTRANADA)

blame it on Shake April 7, 2015

Gangsta Gibbs and KAYTRANADA!? Man, what else needs to be said?

After lacing Vic Mensa on “Drive Me Crazy,” Montreal beatsmith KAYTRANADA sets his focus on providing the perfect canvas for Gibbs to wax poetics about the dope game on “My Dope House.”

Recorded at Redbull Studios in Los Angeles, the single will be released as a limited-edition 7″ vinyl in May.

Call me crazy, but looking at the SoundCloud description leads me to think this could possibly be apart of something more – an EP perhaps!? I mean, this same kind of roll out is what birthed Piñata, amirite? Don’t mind me, I’m just rambling…

  • tk

    fire as fucking always!

  • TheRealPaperKut

    It’s good to see Kaytranada winning.

  • not fucking with that harmonizing other than that it’s dope though.

  • GoBills27

    Freddie Gibbs knows who to work with man. From Madlib to Kaytranada! Awesome.

  • Pingerz

    he sounds drowned but by the beat, great song and all, but needs to be mixed a bit better

    • 91&^UP

      Run the keyboard engineers are here

      • Thomas Gregersen

        Nonetheless he is correct. The vocals could definitely have been mixed better

        • padawan_killah

          this beat is empty as fuck tho… wtf are you talking about??? hahaha

      • OPTIK

        Let’s get outta here!!!!!! Lol!!

      • Pingerz

        i love the song, it just doesnt sound finished is all, you sodding moose monkey

      • maus

        Use commas and shit, you bitch ass nigga.

  • 91&^UP

    Kaytranada got dem beats doe

  • espyy

    Gangsta Gibbs is a problem!

  • ThePenisMightier

    name someone rapping more consistent than gibbs

    • souza


      • Chester

        Weed and cars, deep

    • Darnell


  • countachx

    shit is dope

  • Guest

    It’s most likely a single from Kaytranda’s forthcoming album

  • Mateus Oliveira