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Random Acts Of F*ckery: Mike Jones' Super Bowl "Commercial"

Tony Award-winning stuff, I tells ya.

RAoF: Hotstylz Files Lawsuit Against Eminem For "Rap God" Lyrics

The struggle continues for the one-hit wonders.

And Now, Birdman Is On The Cover Of 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

Because, Lugz.

So, FOX News Thinks JAY Z Is Simply "A Crack Dealer"

Way to reinforce those negative stereotypes, idiots.

And Now, Here's Pat Sajak Rapping Rae Sremmurd’s "No Type"

Look at Bomani Jones' face.

Waka Flocka Stars In Pine Bros. Cough Drops Ad

"Effective, delicious, softish throat relief..." PAUSE.

Rae Sremmurd To Cover 'Captain America'

No, seriously. They're on the cover.

Watch Fat Joe's "Get Rich Quick" Pitch At Market America

Can't knock the hustle.

Random Acts Of F*ckery: Drake x 'Maury' Edition

I've never seen anything like this.

Random Acts of F*ckery: ILOVEMAKONNEN Attacked During Concert in NYC

On a Tuesday, of course.

'Law & Order: SVU' Takes On "ElevatorGate"

Of course sometimes things go down, when it's a billion dollars on an elevator.

50 Cent Proves Once Again That He's King Of The Trolls

Stay classy, Curtis Jackson.

DMX Vs. The Slingshot, pt.2

Earl's revenge.

Random Acts of F*ckery: My Struggle Raps Are Better Than Your Struggle Raps Edition

Shooting someone over a fight about who is a better rapper? Good grief.

Random Acts Of F*ckery: #SwaggerWagon Edition

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

DMX Freaking Out On An Amusement Park Ride Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Earl gon' Earl.

Floyd Mayweather Says He Slept With T.I.'s Wife, Tiny

SMFH. Disrespect in the worst way.

Jermaine Dupri Thinks Chris Brown Will Be More Famous Than Tupac

Say word?

Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa At King of the Dot's BOLA5

No words.

DJ Khaled On ESPN's First Take: A 'Random Acts of F*ckery' Special Report

<-- This is DJ Khaled's thinking face.