iVote… A (2)Dope Collage

Here's the deal, party people. Since today is obviously an important one in American history, I wanted to do an interactive, continuing post that everybody can participate in. All you have to do is take a photo of yourself voting - or in line voting. Or receiving one of those stickers that say "I Voted."

A (2)Dope Holiday Party (For Charity)

Similar to our (2)Dope BBQ events, the (2)Dope Holiday Party (For Charity) is designed to be its winter equivalent. So, how about one last hurrah from the dopehouse (with our co-conspirators FLüD Watches, LRG, YouHeardThatNew's LowKey and award-winning host Toronto's Sir LanceLot) that everybody and their (legally aged) cousin can attend? Friends, family and even

A (2)Dope Holiday Party (For Charity)

By now, you've seen this flyer splayed on the side of the site, and you know the details (December 11th at Manhattan's SOBs hosted by YouHeardThatNew's LowKey and award-winning host Toronto's Sir LanceLot with music provided by myself and Stylus Award winner Wristpect, free giveaways, whoopty wham). Now, I'd like to talk a bit more

A (2)Dope Holiday Party (For Charity)

As you know, the dopehouse isn't just about music, video games and taking pot shots at Ray-J at any given day. When we did our West Coast (2)Dope BBQ this past summer the original plan was to have a summer event for New York as well, but due to time constraints we were unable to

A (2)Dope Banger

The dopehouse's monthly party returns tonight, this time celebrating the website launch of HotMop Films. I will be one the turntables, while the NMC's LowKey will be on the microphone. Yes, I know it's the temperature of a NFL final score in New York, but that shouldn't stop you from prying yourselves off your computers

Big Sean x 2DBz x Toronto

The dopehouse will be in T-Dot in a few weeks to, among other things, present Big Sean live in concert alongside Def Jam, G.O.O.D. Music and ILuvLola.Net. Those interested in tickets can hit the jump for that information, and you can stay tuned right here for your chance to win tickets. And yeah, we're gonna

A (2)Dope Holiday Party (Recap)

Click for alternate version. The first (of what I hope to be many) (2)Dope Holiday Party was a resounding success, and many thanks to everybody who helped put the whole thing together: FLüd Watches, Ill Banger, Pool Vodka, Cookies-N-Cream. Thanks to everybody from the good folks of Complex to Dallas Penn, from eskay to Young

2DBz x Washington, DC

Click image for larger shot. People of our nation's capitol, the dopehouse alongside Kenny Burns will be taking over the Layla Lounge tonight for a night of partying and bullshit. Fell like partying and bullshitting after a long week? Join us there.

2DBz x Washington, DC x Seattle

Click image for larger shot. The last time I was in DC I spoke at a panel, then went on a wild ride with Dallas Penn that included bar-hopping, late night Korean food and two guys scrapping it out in the middle of the street after a club night. I wonder what's going to happen

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival 2010: A (2)Dope Montage (Video)

I'm sure the Internets will be bludgeoned with more of the typical, impersonal, shit-level quality Flip Cam clips of the event (I see some are floating around already), I wanted to try to bring a different perspective of the 2010 rendition of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. With this being my first trip to the