Aasim - The King Return pt. 1

Aasim the Answer just dropped off this loosie single to address a few issues, including his Bad Boy / Diddy situation and his status as a free agent at the moment. DOWNLOAD: Aasim - The King Return pt. 1 PREVIOUS: Aasim – Make Em Clap f. Diddy

Aasim - Make Em Clap f. Diddy

Here's a loosie from Aasim the Answer featuring Diddy with his legendary adlibs. At least he didn't OD on them this time. This joint is not expected to appear on any particular project. Aasim is no longer on Bad Boy, although the two are still on great terms. Word on the curb from a thorough

Aasim - Tunnel State of Mind (Video)

The Answer pays homage to Nasir's NYC anthem. If you haven't yet, make sure to grab that Live At the Tunnel project. PREVIOUS: Live At the Tunnel

Aasim - Live at the Tunnel (Mixtape)

After dropping the vid a few months back, Aasim the Answer hits the net with the official Live at The Tunnel mixtape. Check for Aasim's ode to Cee-Lo's Who's Gonna Save My Soul after the break. What up Saint?! DOWNLOAD: Aasim - Live at the Tunnel (Mixtape) [via]

Aasim - Outlaw Rap

Here's a leak off Aasim's upcoming Fuck the Industry mixtape, presented by OS. DOWNLOAD: Aasim - Outlaw Rap | Mediafire PREVIOUS: Aasim - They Talkin' f. Kavinsky (Video)

Aasim - They Talkin f. Kavinsky (Video)

Aasim the Answer is gearing up to release his next project, Fuck the Industry soon - and yes, he's still rightfully fed up with the politics and bullshit that's running even more rampant in the industry. Stop sleeping, Aasim got bars! Peace to David Saint and Aasim. PREVIOUS: Live at the Tunnel (Video) | Never