Slum Village - The World Is Yours f. Baatin

Baatin makes a posthumous appearance on this drum-heavy single off of SV's upcoming Dirty Slums 2, which drops tomorrow (January 29th). PREVIOUS: Slum Village – No Mas | LONG Way Down f. Black Milk & Victor Scope | Decadence x How It Feel f. Guilty Simpson (Video) | Riot f. Rapper Big Pooh, Joe Scudda,

Baatin - Miss Brasil (prod. Mainframe)

Artwork by: Orion Feeny (Elephant Fur Studio). To help celebrate the new year, NewWorldColor let loose of a previously unreleased collaboration between Baatin and 1/2 of Johnson&Jonson. DOWNLOAD: Baatin - Miss Brasil (prod. Mainframe) | Mediafire

The Slumdog T-Shirt (Slum Village Tribute)

Oh, how I need one of these in my possession! With the recent passing of Slum Village member Baatin, we at Motivation and our partner Mick Boogie wanted to pay tribute to one of Detroit's finest hip hop groups ever. The Slumdog t-shirt is done in classic Run DMC styling, but we flipped the iconic

Black Milk Speaks on Baatin (Video)

[youtube=] Black speaks on the passing of his friend and colleague Titus "Baatin" Glover. Baatin was the first to discover Black's production talent nearly a decade ago, and they'd been tight ever since. On July 20--less than two weeks before Baatin's death--the reunited Slum Village filmed a video for a new track from their forthcoming

R.I.P. Baatin

This has not been a good summer for many people...

Slum Village - 5 Ela (Demo Version)

Here's another demo track from Slum Village that T3 let escape from their vaults. DOWNLOAD: Slum VIllage - 5 Ela (Demo Version) | Mediafire PREVIOUS: Slum Village - Drop The Drums

Slum Village - Drop The Drums

So it looks like SV's T3 jumped in on the blog game also recently, and he dropped off an early demo of Slum Village back when they were trying to discover their sound. Peep the Das EFX fast rap and Chip Fu influence. DOWNLOAD: Slum Village - Drop The Drums