BCTV: Tees & Shoes (Video)

[vimeo 4521124] Ever wondered where exactly does LA have the hot gear spots? BCTV shows you a small taste of what the city has to offer, with a few (2)dope favorites making guest spots as well. Check them out.

BCTV - Soles 4 Souls (Video)

[vimeo 3431462] Here's a recap of the Soles 4 Souls event that went down a little bit back. Check out for El Prez, TiRon and E-Dub (FCC!) as well.

El Prez x Terry Kennedy - BCTV (Video)

[vimeo 2736673] Prezidente joins up with Compton Ass Terry at The Blue Velvet. I think I've been there once before; it was actually really, really nice.