Truly Yours: illHeavens

ArtByShake. So here's the thing: I've always been a writer at heart, and have been working on bringing back editorials to the site. Fortunately, having a duo at the dopehouse that also love to write makes things much easier. So, as part of 2DBz' 2012 campaign to run the 'Nets we are now introducing weekly

Blu - The Sound of Young America Interview (Podcast)

Blu sits down with Jesse Thorn for The Sound of Young America. If ever you were wondering about the life of one of the most talented emcees doing it right now, this is definitely something you shouldn't pass up. From the beginning of his days as a battle MC in Los Angeles, to growing up

Blu & Exile - Dancing in the Rain (Video)

[dailymotion id=x4jp6u&v3] CrashTV and Blu celebrate Black History Month with a production video for Blu & Exile's Dancing in the Rain. Again, one of my favorite tracks off Below the Heavens. Courtesy of CrashTV of course.