Black Moon: The Beginnings (Video)

Before they celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut Enta Da Stage tonight, take a trip down memory lane with Buckshot, 5FT and DJ Evil Dee. PREVIOUS: Black Moon Rehearse For CMJ Showcase, Performing Entire Enta Da Stage w/ Live Band (Video)

Duck Down's 2013 CMJ Showcase w/ Talib Kweli, Sean Price, Black Moon & More

The 2013 incarnation of CMJ is going down in New York this week, and the good folks at Duck Down are bringing together a few familiar faces together for their annual showcase. Fans can check out Talib Kweli, Sean Price, Black Moon, Phony Ppl, Children Of The Night, Res, Cory Mo, and many more surprise

Black Moon's Enta Da Stage 20 Year Anniversary (Teaser)

Oct. 19, 2013 will mark the 20th anniversary of the release of Black Moon's debut, Enta Da Stage, a defining album of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop which took jazz samples and were flipped into dark, deep-in-the-basement instrumentals provided by the legendary Beatminerz, accompanied by Buckshot Shorty & 5FT's effortless rhymes. In the above teaser

(2)Deep: Black Moon Introduces Smif-N-Wessun For the First Time (Video)

Duck Down pulled this one from deep within the archival vaults. Aired on an underground Hip-Hop show on Jan. 10th, 1994, Black Moon introduces New York City to Tek & Steele of Smif-N-Wessun. LMAO @ those public access style TV graphics. As bad as these type of shows seem to us now, they're classics in

Black Moon Speaks On Enta Da Stage (Video)

DJ Evil Dee gives fans an inside perspective on the unusual recording practices he took while mixing Black Moon's debut album Enta Da Stage. Hear more stories like this from the group tonight at Brooklyn's SouthPaw as they're taking part in a Red Bull Music Academy Q&A at 5PM. I really want to see them

Black Moon's Rock The Bells Rehearsal (Video)

Black Moon will be performing their debut album, Enta Da Stage, with a 6-piece band at Rock the Bells in New York tomorrow (September 3rd) on the 36 Chambers Stage from 4:50PM-6:05 PM. Fuck; I'll miss them perform my favorite song of theirs, "Buck 'Em Down." Someone do me a favor get footage of that

Black Moon's Live Band Rehearsal (Video)

Black Moon is set to recreate the magic of their debut album Enta Da Stage tonight (August 17th) with a live band, and here they are practicing for what's sure to be a dope event. Tickets can be copped here or at the door. More information down bottom.

Black Moon Performing the Entire Enta Da Stage In Brooklyn

Fellow NYCers / hardcore Hip-Hop fans, Black Moon is creeping up in ya room in Southpaw, Brooklyn tomorrow night to perform the entire Enta Da Stage LP along with PNCs Sean Price, Smif-N-Wessun, Iron Solomon and more. You lucky sons of bitches. Tickets can be copped here or at the door. Act like u want

(2)Deep: Finsta Bundy

Only the most die-hard Black Moon fans would know that the original group's line-up included DJ Evil Dee, 5 Ft. Accelerator & Finsta, sans Buckshot Shorty. During this early incarnation of the group, they actually went by the name High Tech (which Finsta states was also the name of a clothing store in Bushwick). Finsta

thisismyNYMinute: Black Moon (Video)

Back in 1990, Blackmoon used to be four MC's: KB 1 (5FT), KB 2 (Buckshot Shorty), Finsta and... Evil D. This week "thisismyNYMinute" features Duck Down's CEO, Crown Heights' favorite son Buckshot, who pulled a tape from his vault to show us a 16-year-old MC named Evil D, years away from becoming half of the