The Three Headed Monster... coming according to Sha Money XL. Now I'm sure I don't have to tell you to be weary and to not take this as 100% truth, etc. I'm just passing along a quote from his blog... All I gotta say is,who said Hiphop is dead? or do you wanna kill ya self? Either way,your

Crooked I - Hero Freestyle (XXL)

Crooked I hops on Nas' Hero for XXL on an upcoming feautre they did about his success on the internets. HipHopDX >> XXLmag but I fuck with the magazine... does that count? Anyways, you know it's fire, so download now and talk later. And you better believe Crook is gonna lace some exclusive for the

Nikki Jean Previews New Song "After Dark" (Video)

[youtube=] In today's video blog from the sultry Nikki Jean she sings a lovely little tune as she procrastinates from packing. I'm telling ya'll, this chick is the real deal. Beautiful, lively personality and she can sing her ass off. Lyrics are included after the jump. Along with a download link to the video as

Jay Smooth on Young Buck/50 Cent (Video)

[youtube=] Jay Smooth speaks his mind on the fuckery that is the Young Buck/50 Cent phone conversation that has stirred up a lot of shit in the industry. Word up to his comments on Hip Hop hating on people showing their emotions. Fall back and let people be humans!

Pacific Division On KyteTV (Video)

[ 68979] Still browsing the internets while wanting sleep to hit me I hit up The Exactly and noticed that PacDiv just got a phone with Kyte technology. Even though I don't care too much for the player itself, it's dope that they can update straight from their phone so we're blessed with some cool

Skillz Responds to Lil Wayne's Rant

I've been staying away from this whole situation as much as I could. There's more than a handful of DJs that have responded to Wayne about his remarks, but whatever. This is Skillz though haha, so I had to put you on to his thoughts via his OKP blog. Iiight so fuck the dj? For

I'm Just Sayin'...

Just got done packing up the left over shirts, mixtapes, etc and getting ready to head out to ship them and I hop on my laptop for one second and check an IM from the rawg pointing to the above list. Which is basically put together by a team to measure urban blogs by their

1 Million Served...

Shake: That's right folks, in 6 short months Shake and Meka have surpassed 1million views. We actually did last week and planned to do something special for ya'll. We were gonna compile a mix of about 16 of our all time favorite joints (no genre restrictions) but since the life of a dopeboy can get

Sean Bell: Will We Do More Than Talk?

As everyone should already know, the verdict came in for the Sean Bell case a few days ago. Two men wounded, one man dead and three innocent police let off the hook. I never spoke on my thoughts because there's not much else to say that hasn't already been done. Numerous blogs to songs have

Nikki Jean + Mikey Rocks (The Cool Kids) (Video)

[youtube=] Mikey Rocks (of The Cool Kids) joins the beautiful Nikki Jean for her daily video journal. Oh you didn't know? Nikki drops a new update through her YouTube page daily to keep you on point with her life. I enjoy it, you might too. Here, Mikey reflects on his freeze moment with Jay-Z.

Little Brother - Twelve Days of Getback (Days 8+9)

What up ya'll, as I've said earlier ... the New Year festivities effed my whole thought process up for a few days. I'm back on my grind though and here are the latest two entries of the Twelve Days of Getback. Phonte is dropping gems on em!

The Big Doe Rehab Chronicles (pt.1+2)

Those that visit DX on the daily should have seen these already, but I thought I'd inform the people who don't of these hilarious gems. The good people at Brooklyn Bodega teamed up with HipHopDX to release these fictional journal entries (written from the point of view of their Sneaker editor, Spaulding H. Forsythe who