Meet Jay-Z's Band (Video)

[youtube=] DJ Neil Armstrong introduces us to the team that will be backing Hov during his Blueprint 3 Tour. And go... Lee Hogans, Lamont Caldwell, Aaron Goode (horn section), Brett Baker (percussion), Tony Russell (bass), Shaun Carrington (guitar), Tony Royster Jr (drums), Monty Reynolds (keys), Briget Kelly (back up vocals) and Eric Wright (protools). Spotted

Mykestro - Thank U Freestyle

Myke goes in over my favorite Blueprint 3 track... until it gets played out like every other song. Props to Mickey. DOWNLOAD: Mykestro - Thank U Freestyle | Mediafire PREVIOUS: Mykestro - In California (Video)

Jay-Z - Empire State Of Mind f. Alicia Keys

I figure since the album is officially out, why not leak the song now that it has an official single cover as well? Props to Splash. DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z - Empire State Of Mind f. Alicia Keys

The Blueprint 3 Release Date Pushed Up...

... and will now be release on the same day as OB4CL2 (September 8th). So it looks like this Tuesday I'll be copping two very dope albums. No complaints from Shake. And if you haven't heard BP3 yet, Rhapsody is streaming the entire thing online. SOURCE: Billboard

Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 Tour Dates

For those not able to catch Jay-Z's show at Madison Square Garden on 9/11 you may be in luck. As expected Hov's going on a nation wide (sort of) tour of North America in support of the new album. Hit the jump for the dates...

Jay-Z Talks on Blueprint 3 Leak (Video)

Hov speaks to MTV about the recent leak of Blueprint 3 (which I've listened to about 5-6 times and am happy with the result). "I may be the most bootlegged artist in history," he told MTV News shortly after his album leaked. "It's a preview. I'm excited for people to hear the album. I'm very

Jay-Z - The Blueprint 3 (Artwork x Tracklist)

Alright folks... the official tracklist has made it's way to the internets (via Comparing it to the rumored version, I'm excited to see J. Cole get a spot. Hopefully Nas will come through and still lace a verse for that Empire State of Mind joint. Hit the jump...

Jay-Z - Run This Town f. Kanye West & Rihanna

Here it is, folks. The official first single off Jay's Blueprint 3. Perfect way to start the day off right, right? DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z - Run This Town f. Kanye West & Rihanna | Mediafire [Clean] DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z - Run This Town f. Kanye West & Rihanna | Mediafire [Dirty]

Jay-Z - Blueprint 3 Freestyle (Video)

Now you can hear Jigga's not-really-diss to Dame, Jimmy and Game in a better quality. On a side note, rumor has it that a few BP3 tracks got into the wrong hands recently., and we all know what that'll ultimately mean... SHAKE UPDATE: Added a "working" video (from the front row). And for the record

Jay-Z - Blueprint 3 Freestyle Live (Video)

[youtube=] So if I would've listened to the Canadian Government's wishes and exited the country yesterday I would've been in attendance as Jay-Z tore it down at The Palms in Las Vegas. Win some lose some I guess. The video above is of Hov performing (what is said to be) the intro of Blueprint 3.

Jay-Z Talks Kobe Bryant, His Top 5, BP3, etc

To help promote his upcoming show in Chicago on July 7th, Hov called into WGCI to talk about a few things. Auto-Tune, not taking DJ Webstar seriously, touring, how he wants Kobe to get his ring (which he will), the Nets break ground (in Brooklyn) this September, his personal top 5 (Biggie, 2pac, Scarface, Eminem

Jay-Z's Street Single Debuts Tonight x Official Single to Feature Drake

Ahh shit. I get back from lunch and some bombs were dropped. RR just let loose of more information surrounding Hov and Blueprint 3... So around 9pm tonight EST, Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex will play the world premiere of Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 single, D.O.A. That stands for Death of Autotune as Kanye teased on MTV