will.i.am. - Scream & Shout f. Britney Spears (Video)

To say this is a long way from his Lost Change and Must Be 21 days is a drastic understatement. Anyways, The Black Eyed Pea links up with crazy ass Britney for the latest single from his upcoming album #willpower.

STS - Outta Control (Video)

Britney Spears' How I Roll is the next Top 40 cut to get flipped for Slim's upcoming GOLDRush project, dropping February 28th. Grab the full .mp3 over here.

Lily Allen - Womanizer (Britney Spears Cover)

Even though Lily Allen seems to be going the Amy Winehouse route lately, her music is still very much enjoyable. Like this joint for example. Taking Britney Spears single and reworking it for some acoustic pop good'ness. I know a lot of you are asking yourself Why is Shake posting this shit? A. Don't worry