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(2)Deep: Nine - Make Or Take f. Smoothe Da Hustler

The year: 1996. While some heads were with the cousin of death, wrapped up on Reasonable Doubt & All Eyez On Me, I was walking into thrift stores, lifting a Sony walkman, then proceeding to Tower Records to further lift some tapes. One of them being Bronx representative Nine's sophomore Cloud 9 album. This was

Sinsay - From the Bronx f. Fred the Godson & Cory Gunz

Fred the Godson & Cory Gunz join Sinsay for a new joint off his upcoming Rebirth of Hip Hop mixtape. I guess one of the Triple C's members is also featured on this, but let's be honest here. Who really cares? DOWNLOAD: Sinsay - From the Bronx f. Torch, Fred the Godson & Cory Gunz

D-Black (prod. Illmind) x D.Black (prod. Vitamin D)

It's not every day you get submissions from two different artists (that come from opposite coasts) and the only thing different in their name is a punctuation! Considering the coincidence I'm just gonna leave them in the same post. This, by no means, is me putting them against each other. But I do advise they

Al Be Back - Brooklyn From the Bronx

Some new shit from Al Be Back over the Hov joint that's been getting A Millie'd as of late. Didn't my partner in dopeboy'ness say he would do something if this situation came to surface? I can't remember. Be on the lookout for Al Be's album, Hi, coming soon! DOWNLOAD: Al Be Back - Brooklyn

Al Be Back - Oh My God f. CurT@!n$

Shake's posting while he's on a plane to T-Dot? Ha.. scheduled posting is the shit. As promised, here's another new joint from the homie Al Be Back featuring CurT@!n$. Up next... the Fabolous assisted cut. Let's get it! DOWNLOAD: Al Be Back - Oh My God f. CurT@!n$ | Mediafire

Al Be Back - All For One

The homie Al Be shot me the touching All For One last night and it's extremely dope. I advice you to not sleep on this! With the email he said there will be tracks featuring Fabolous and CurT@!n$ coming in the future. I'll be dropping the CurT@!n$ joint Monday most likely with the Fabolous cut

D-Black - The Come Up f. Skyzoo (prod. Illmind)

The homie Skyzoo just shot over this new Illmind produced joint he jumped on with fellow New Yorker, D-Black. Anytime you get Illmind and Sky together, something dope happens and this is no different. First time hearing D-Black and he held his own. It's the come up! UPDATE: I added D-Black's 7 track sampler for

A (2)Dope Al Be Back Post

Most of you will remember Al Be from his verse on that Kanye jam, Goodnight. I've traded emails with this dude for a long time and he's definitely legit. Readying his upcoming LP, Walkman, dude is on his grizzly. Yep I just said grizzly haha. Below is the single off the said album, a tribute