C-Murder - Melody Of Innocence

Umm... we all saw the footage of the other shooting. Innocent isn't what comes to mind when C-Murder pops up in conversation dude. Best of luck in the bing. Off DJ Smallz & DJ Neptunes' Southern Smoke TV v.4. DOWNLOAD: C-Murder - Melody of Innocence | Mediafire

Random Acts of Fuckery: C-Murder's Shoot Em Up Edition

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AARXtvqbyMg&feature=player_embedded] Shooting at muthafuckas because they won't let you in a club? You lost at life pal. And if the second-degree murder charge of that 16-year old goes through, you really will be losing at life (in a prison cell). For now, enjoy your 10 years for being a dumb ass. Shouts to AllHipHop for