NBA Opening Night!

That's right folks, it's that time! The Heat and Celtics are jump starting opening night while the Rockets and Lakers are closing it out. Throw in a little Suns/Blazers action and you've got a nice little night of basketball. Predictions?

Lakers: 2009-2010 NBA CHAMPIONS!!!!

Alright folks... it all comes down to this. Repeat/redemption time. UPDATE: Now that's how you win a game. Celtics fans and Lakers haters alike, commence your bitching. SHAKE EDIT: LET'S GOOOOO!!

Celtics 67, Lakers 89 (Game 6)

Bringing back Keri never hurt nobody. Now can anyone else show up and help Kobe push this to Game 7? Y'all played like shit last game, smh. UPDATE: One down, one to go.

Lakers 86, Celtics 92

All tied up. Let's continue with the back and forth shit and take it back to the West so we can wrap it up at home. UPDATE: Shit, can Kobe get any help!?

Lakers 91, Celtics 84

Ms. Keri is one smart lady. My infatuation has grown. And Game 3 is upon us. As expected the series is gonna be close. I'm still saying Lakeshow in 7. Let's go! UPDATE: Fiiish!

Celtics 89, Lakers 102

Redemption time... let's go! UPDATE: One down, three to go. And that last three pointer was just wrong.

Lakers 90, Celtics 89

Just a fair warning... it's safe to say there won't be many (if any) posts from myself during the next few hours. My focus will be on the big screen down stairs. UPDATE: And Black Mamba strikes again!

Rockets/Lakers x Magic/Celtics (Game 7)

Today should be a great day for the NBA. I'm hoping both games hold up to what we should all expect from Game 7s. Ya'll know I'm rooting for the Lakeshow. The hate I have for Boston wants them to take an L. But the love I have for the game wants them to win

Bulls 99, Celtics 109

This has been one of the best series I have seen in a looong time. But after tonight, only one team advances. Whose it gonna be dopeboyz/girlz!? UPDATE: Celtics survive.

Black ELement Loves the Lakers!

Well... not really. He's a die hard Boston fan (yhuuck) and we had a bet going with the Celtics x Lakers game that went down on Christmas day. Good to see he's a man of his word. Be sure to hit him on his MySpace and talk lots of shit haha!

Boston Celtics: 2008 NBA Champions

Well the final game wasn't the prettiest to watch. OK, it was horrible. Sa'll good though, atleast my actual team made the finals. And I don't have a doubt that they will be back there next year with Bynum added to the lineup. Special congrats to KG and Jesus. It's really good to see ya'll

Celtics 98, Lakers 103 (Boston Leads 3-2)

Is this the last game of the NBA season? Or will the Lake Show stave off elimination? Let the discussion commence. UPDATE: A win is a win, but Los Angeles will need more to pull off the unthinkable. Shake Update: I didn't get to talk my shit during the game, but I watched the entire