So, Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle Were On Stage Together Last Night...

Last night, Dave Chappelle took the stage at the Comedy Cellar in NYC and performed solo for about 45 minutes. Chris Rock is then said to have jumped on stage and said one thing (that rings all types of truth): "Aw, you lucky motherfuckers." Sadly, it's looking like no one recorded the event so we'll just

A Chris Rock x Dave Chappelle Tour? Yes, Please.

I'm going to see Kevin Hart live in a few weeks for the very first time, and I'd gladly trade my floor seats to see both Chris and Dave do stand-up at the same damn time. While on "Today" promoting Madagascar 3 hitting the DVD/Blue-Ray circuit, Chris makes a very brief remark about working with

Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle To Tour Together?

Remember those rumors back in October? Well, things may still be in motion. Inspired by The Throne, Chris Rock has hopes that he and Chappelle will make it happen. Check what he said to Vulture below. I've been talking to Chappelle a lot. Been trying to get Chappelle to go on tour. You know I'm

Chris Rock - Good Hair (Trailer)

[youtube=] When Chris Rock’s daughter, Lola, came up to him crying and asked, “Daddy, how come I don’t have good hair?” the bewildered comic committed himself to search the ends of the earth and the depths of black culture to find out who had put that question into his little girl’s head! Director Jeff Stilson’s

Ludacris - Everybody Hates Chris f. Chris Rock

The clean version, courtesy of Splash. That dripping sound you're hearing? That's the noise an album makes when it's slowly leaking... DOWNLOAD: Ludacris - Everybody Hates Chris f. Chris Rock