C.R.A.C. (Blu & Ta’Raach) - Major Way / 2.16.05

I was gonna wait to drop these two tracks, but I'll be away from the internets for an hour or so and I wanted something fresh at the top while I'm out. Enjoy some more dope music off Blu & Ta'Raach's C.R.A.C. - The Piece Talks, which drops April 15th biatch! The album is on

C.R.A.C. (Blu & Ta'Raach) - Buy Me Lunch / Love Don't

Now THIS is how you start your morning off. An email from the homeboy eskay with new joints from Blu & Ta'Raach (together as C.R.A.C. Knuckles). Some might recall Ta'Raach as he has a guest spot on Below the Heavens (Juicen’ Dranks). In which I stated was the only down fall to the album [check