Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers) - Golden State

After sitting on his porch today -- listening to NWA -- the Crown City Rocker decided to pen and voice a new record just for the sake of his love for being from the West. raashan DOWNLOAD: Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers) - Golden State | Mediafire

Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers) - 2010

The CCR emcee drops a new one for Twenty Ten; with Headnodic providing the remix. DOWNLOAD: Raashan Ahmad - 2010 | Mediafire DOWNLOAD: Raashan Ahmad - 2010 (Headnodic Remix) | Mediafire

Crown City Rockers in the Studio (Video)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX8MnYg-nNA] Working out our parts to the song Soul from the album The Day After Forever dropping September 29th on Gold Dust. Kat O1O on the Crumar Orchestrator. Headnodic on the Ernie Ball 5 string Stingray electric bass. Max MacVeety on the acoustic and triggered drums. PREVIOUS: Crown City Rockers - The Day After Forever

Crown City Rockers - Soul

I've already expressed my excitement for the release of Crown City Rocker's upcoming album, The Day After Forever (September 29th via Gold Dust). And ever since I posted the artwork x tracklist, I've been patiently waiting for a preview. Well that time has finally come as I got my hands on the first official leak...

Crown City Rockers - The Day After Forever (Artwork x Tracklist)

Earlier today I got an email with some great news. Oakland's Crown City Rockers are returning with a new album! Their first since the dope'ness that was Earth Tones in 2004. CCR have built a reputation for their driving sound derived from live instruments fused with traditional hip-hop production, which makes their live shows particularly

Crown City Rockers - Restless (Headnodic Recipe Mix)

Anyone checking the dopehouse on any type of consistent basis should have doubt on what coast I represent. That being said... I've got a nice little track for ya'll. A remix to the latest cut from the 5 member group out of Oakland (by way of Boston). Thanks Nora! DOWNLOAD: Crown City Rockers - Restless (Headnodic