MilkDrop & D/Will - AYO D! (Video)

The Kansas City producer recently linked up with MilkDrop for a project, Falling Back to Earth 2. You can grab that project after the jump.

D/WILL - Lamb & Lion (Mixtape)

The Kansas City producer lets loose his new LP, returning to the microphone for this 11-track opus that also features contributions from Les Izmore, Mike Junyer, and more. Tracklist, stream, and link down bottom.

Big L - MVP (D/WILL Remix)

The Kansas City producer delivers his take on Big L's classic single. PREVIOUS: D/Will – More Than A Sole (Season Finale)

D/Will - More Than A Sole (Season Finale)

Too often television viewers around the world are spurned away from creative genius. A bevy of sitcoms are struck with the proverbial death blow before their writers and cast have a chance to blossom. Among these short lived shows, there are still a few that defy the odds and are reborn into infamy. And then