Euclid vs Santogold X Spec Boogie vs The Black Keys

You know what it is. Every Wednesday brings more Loosie Weekly Warning Shots from Elucid and Spec Boogie. Elucid speaks on the Sean Bell verdict. It's not the kill a cop mentality that wins. "Niggas want to riot, but ya'll scared of revolution/ couldn't wrap your brain around what it takes for real improvement". This

Spec Boogie - Cock Blockin' Problem (Warning Shots)

As the weeks progress, Elucid and Spec Boogie continue to drop gems for their Loosie Weekly Warning Shots series. Last week Elucid remixed Janelle Monae while Spec did Ms. Badu. This week we have another joint off SB's upcoming mixtape, Dollar-Sign Language, which drops next week. Flippin Huey's Pop, Lock & Drop It into exactly

Elucid vs Janelle Monae X Spec Boogie vs Erykah Badu

Fresh off the dope video from Spec Boogie that represented week 2 of the Loosie Weekly Wednesday series. Elucid and Spec are back with some great remixes. Elucid remixes Janelle Monae's Many Moons into a "rad maelstrom about riding around with guns in his lap" while Spec takes a contemplative take on Badu's Soldier. DOWNLOAD: