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On of my favorite albums of last year - Che Grand's Everything's Good Ugly - is now on sale at Che's BandCamp page for $5... or best offer. It doesn't get any doper than that. And what's even better? Hit the cut... PREVIOUS: Che Grand – Everything’s Good Ugly (Snippets)

Che Grand - Everything's Good Ugly (Snippets)

King Most is behind the boards for this sneak peek of Che's long-awaited album that drops next Tuesday, August 18th. If you're in Brooklyn this Thursday also, try to make the listening party as well at PNC Radio, where yours truly will be on the ones and twos the entire night. Lessondary! DOWNLOAD: Che Grand

Che Grand - Gold Chains Part Deux [Radio Rip]

The homie Shine from CDR let loose a (radio rip from his show) cut off Airtight Grizzly's Everything's Good Ugly which, if my calculations are correct, is scheduled to drop next week. DOWNLOAD: Che Grand - Gold Chains Part Deux [Radio Rip] | Mediafire

Meka's Soul Mix EP: Che Grand's "Girls Talk"

While it didn't sample a song per se, Che's flip of two rappers' lines into one hook as well as AEON's breakdown from electro boom bap to house to a play on Bobby Womack and The New Birth's "I Can Understand It" is just too ill for words. I don't do that dancing shit in

Che Grand - Chateau Gold

While perusing the Internets this weekend, I came across this new track over at Che's crib, but since the first link was kinda fucked up, I had to wait 'til he upgraded. Does this means Everything's Good Ugly is coming soon? DOWNLOAD: Che Grand - Chateau Gold | Mediafire

Che Grand - Funkadelic Freestyles' "Everything's Good Ugly" Premiere (Podcast)

So before their DMV all-star show that went down earlier this week, Che Grand premiered a few new cuts off Everything's Good Ugly, which you can check out listening to that podcast below. Props to Jamie. * turns up "Girl Talk" and "Crash" DOWNLOAD: Che Grand - Funkadelic Freestyles' "Everything's Good Ugly" Premiere (Podcast)

A Rock The Dub Che Grand Petition

Being in the music industry is hard, and 99.99% of the time it's not that glamorous shit we see in the media. Che Grand knows firsthand, and is sadly contemplating on whether or not to drop Everything's Good Ugly, something I've been personally waiting on for a minute. So khal from Rock The Dub has