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Fonz-E Mak - BRKFST

As the Bulls take on the Nets to take the lead in their series, the 2008ighties drops off a new track he recorded over Danny Brown's House Shoes-produced "Sweet."

Fonz-E Mak, U.G. & Calez - B.A.N.G.

To celebrate his birthday, Fonz-E Mak drops off a joint with his fellow 2008ighties members. A small taste until we get that BRKF$T CLUB project.

Fonz-E Mak & U.G. - It Was A Tuesday

For no other reason than that they can, the 2008ighties reps liberate an unreleased track recorded sometime last year. PREVIOUS: Fonz-E Mak – After the Storm (prod. Sani) | U.G. – No Days Off f. Fonz-E Mak

Fonz-E Mak - Alarm Clock f. U.G.

With no project in mind, the 2008ighties member lets loose a new joint to help kick off his 2013. Featuring and produced by U.G. (who is currently working on his next project, UltraCinema).

Event: 2008ighties' Xmas Live (Dec. 26)

On the night after Christmas, the 2008ighties crew will be headlining their first show in the Chi. That's right, Fonz-E Mak, Calez, Julian Malone, UG, Johnny St. Cloud and Legit will all be present, rocking the stage. If you're in the area, tickets are available now.

Fonz-E Mak - Octoberly (FreEP)

After hitting us with a few leaks, the 2008ighties member is back with a new EP. A collection of all the previous releases plus two bonus cuts for y'all to vibe out to. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

Fonz-E Mak - FIN

Before he drops off his Octoberly EP tomorrow, the 2008ighties member rocks over some DOOM production. DOWNLOAD: Fonz-E Mak - FIN PREVIOUS: Fonz-E Mak – Right Off Commercial | Wake Up! f. Julian Malone