G4SHI - Laughing (Video)

“Everything they ever laughed at me about, they are doing it now. They doubted me and tried to put me down, now I feel I got the last laugh." The other Albanian-American rapper drops a new set of visuals. You can grab the audio here, if you'd like. PREVIOUS: G4SHI – Y.A.G


G4SHI decides to give fans a freebie over a production by Successmusic. PREVIOUS: G4SHI – Who Made Me (Video)

G4SHI - Who Made Me (Video)

“Don’t Hate Me, Hate God Cause He Made Me.” The Talented and charismatic artist G4SHI is Back at it with the release of his new single titled “Who Made Me.” The track has a 90‘s Hip Hop feel with a new school twist. G4SHI, the Albanian-American Golden Child proclaims “Who Made Me” represents the power

G4shi - Lana's Song x RIGHT (Video)

Directed by86th 1/4th Collective Introducing The Kid G4shi, an Albanian rapper originally from Kosovo but now resides in Brooklyn. G4shi, meet the dopehouse. Now, play nice.