Vintage: Gang Starr's Step In The Arena Press Kit (Video)

With today, sadly, marking the third year since Guru's tragic passing, the good folks at ego trip have unearthed this old VHS (remember those?) footage of the "electronic press kit" for he and DJ Premier's 1991 album. Dopeness.

(2)Deep: Gang Starr - The Militia f. Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx (Video)

Today (March 31) marks the 15th anniversary to the day when Gang Starr's Moment of Truth was released to critical acclaim; another classic that Preme & Guru notched in their belts. Congrats and Rest In Power to Guru! PREVIOUS: 2DBZ Presents The 7th Chamber: Soliloquy of Chaos

The 7th Chamber: Soliloquy of Chaos

Gang Starr - Tongue of Terror It's been two years since the ill-timed death of Keith "Guru' Elam, and to be quite blunt, it's very frustrating to see this icon's contributions to the culture go so neglected. It seems all the fuckery that went down right after his passing with Holar's (from here on out

2Deep: D&D/Gang Starr Foundation Spotlight On Yo! MTV Raps 1994

Nothing new or rare here. Posted because some may have never seen this footage. Featuring Premo, Guru, Group Home, Jeru the Damaja, Afu-Ra, DJ Scratch & the rest of the Gang Starr foundation. Some of the things Preme mentioned back then seem almost prophetic now, especially his dialogue about vinyl culture. (2)dope! Hit the jump

Vintage: Gang Starr Circa 1999 (Video)

In 1999, German rapper SPAX was supporting GANG STARR’s European “Moment of Truth” tour, which led to a collaboration with GURU for SPAX’ album “Engel & Ratten”, released in 2003 by Universal Music. The song “Träume” (“Dreams”) has now been remixed for this video release including unreleased video material which was filmed by SPAX on

Happy Born Day Keith "Guru" Elam

Guru - Watch What You Say f. Chaka Khan & Branford Marsalis Take a moment and mediate for the God. Then pull out one of their LPs, roll an L and vibe to it in memory of the Elohim. He would've been Power Cipher (50) today. PREVIOUS: Big Shug - We Miss You (prod. DJ