Git Beats - Brand New f. Bob Banner

Off Get Mad Turn Green out soon.

Git Beats & 1Mt - Get Up, Get Down

Off Keep It Movin' out now.

Git Beats & 1Mt - DFA f. Rockness Monsta

These boys Don't F*ck Around.

Hubbs x Git Beats - Zoo (Video)

Visuals shot by Jacob Finch.

Git Beats x 1Mt - Lost Souls f. Chris Rivers & Hubbs

Another Keep It Movin' banger.

Git Beats x 1Mt - Crazy Wild f. Rim & King Just

Keep It Movin is out now.

Git Beats x 1Mt - Lifestyle of An Artist (Video)

Keep It Movin' out now.

Git Beats x 1Mt - Keep It Movin (Album Sampler)

Keep It Movin is out now.

Git Beats x 1Mt - F*ck the Police f. Cuban Link

Father U Cee King the Police.

Git Beats & Aris - Underground f. Ghosty

From Staten Island to Pittsburgh, PA.

Hubbs x Git Beats - Zoo

Peace to PR Dean.

Git Beats & 1Mt - TNT f. Sean Price & Labba

"I can't breakdance, I can't do graffiti / I'm no DJ, but guess what element P be?"

Git Beats x Hubbs - Another Day/Commencement (Video)

One producer, one emcee.

Git Beats x Hubbs - Piece of Mind (Album Sampler)

Explore the dusty sounds of jazz samples laid over boom-bap production.

Git Beats - Times Like This f. Hubbs (Video)

Off the producer's upcoming Piece of Mind out 1/21/2014.

Mpire - The Way I Do It f. Prodigy

Git Beats on the boards and hook.

Git Beats - Rap f. Hubbs

If the shoe fits, allow both feet to slip in.

Git Beats - Git Craft f. Hubbs (Video)

Visuals for Git Craft which can be found on Git's compilation album Basement Ghost. Features Read...