Mike Mictlan (of Doomtree) - WZRD Science f. Greg Grease (Video) [2Dope Premiere]

The last video we premiered from Mike Mictlan's SNAXXX project was quite the head-fuck (no... seriously). This time around though, the Doomtree rep chooses a more work-friendly -- yet still tripped out -- route with the official video for track-four off the same project. Switching out the lo-fi VHS porn with smoke, paranoia and a

Greg Grease - C.R.E.A.M. Dreams

Anyone that knows me, knows I have a deep love for pretty much anything coming out of MPLS. Enter: Greg Grease. An up-and-coming spitkicker who just dropped his new album, Cornbread, Pearl & G, which is available in both digital and physical formats. To help introduce him to the DopeHouse, I've decided to showcase track