Ill Bill - My Uncle (Video)

[youtube=] Here goes the official video for one of my favorite joints off Ill Bill's Hour of Reprisal (in stores now). I've always wanted a song written about me haha. Maybe one day I'll play that pivotal of a role in someones life and they become a musician. We'll see.

Ill Bill x Uncle Howie (Video)

[youtube=] Uncle Howie speaks on the craziness that is Ill Bill and company. If you've followed Pyscho+Logical you know Uncle Howie is one crazy muhfucka haha. I can't wait for that Hour of Reprisal.

Ill Bill x Immortal Technique (Video)

[youtube=] During a performance, Immortal Technique (alongside Poison Pen) speaks on Uncle Howie and how real they are. After that, he brings up his brother Ill Bill. The Hour of Reprisal hits shelves on September 16th!

DJ Premier On Working w/ Ill Bill (Video)

[youtube=] The legendary DJ Premier speaks about his work on Ill Bill's upcoming album, The Hour of Reprisal, dropping September 16th. It's crazy to hear Premo say that this record (Society is Brainwashed) is a beat that he originally made for Jay-Z's American Gangster. But since Hov didn't get back to him, he gave the