Ill Poetic - Thursday (Loveshxt)

During the remaining hours of the "Silhouette" project, Ill Poetic decided to let loose a new song. This will be the corniest love sh*t you will ever hear me write. So enjoy it. I wrote it when I met the woman who I’m about make my wife this weekend, unless she runs away. As lame

Ill Poetic - Synesthsia: The Yellow Movement (Instrumentals)

In support of his newly launched crowd-funding campaign "A Part of the Art: The Silhouette Project", Ill Poetic releases an instrumental version of his 2012 EP, Synesthesia. Six tracks, stripped of all vocals, giving the listen an opportunity to vividly hear the lush keys, live horns and other trademarks of Ill Po's Ohio funk birthplace.

Ill Poetic - The Nightmare Before Christmas (prod. The Kickdrums)

Ill Po links up with the Cleveland duo for his latest release. I’d been holding on to this track for a while. It didn’t quite fit the “Synesthesia” sonic field, but I loved it too much to let it just sit here. Plus, I love performing it, so now I have a reason to throw

Ill Poetic - Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement (FreEP)

After four years of "greyhound traveling, session recording, show rehearsals, consultations, video editing, brain-storming, sound-building, mixing & mastering, touring, giving up, not giving up, giving up again, not giving up again, macaroni & cheese dinners, no lunches, no breakfasts, little sleep and questionable hygiene practices" Ill Poetic is finally ready to release his latest project.

Ill Poetic - On My Way f. CJ the Cynic

One last leak off Ill Poetic's upcoming Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement EP, dropping this Tuesday. Hit the jump for the project's tracklisting. DOWNLOAD: Ill Poetic - On My Way f. CJ the Cynic

Ill Poetic - Pretzel Logic

In support of his upcoming project Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement, Ill Poetic drops off a new one with plenty of back story. Explained below... I haven’t dropped an official album in five years. There were (and are) many times when I assume not too many people care whether I drop another song or album. Which

Ill Poetic - Gone (Video)

Directed by David Damen & Walter Nini. First definitive release from Ill Po's upcoming EP, Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement EP, which is due out this Summer. This video was made for people brave (read:stupid) enough to jump off the cliff and follow their dreams & passions. Leaving my job and life behind to do this

Ill Poetic - Gone

A couple years ago, I made the decision to quit my job, move out of Cincinnati and do the whole "persue-your-dream" thing. It's never an easy decision to make. This song is about the conversations all of my body parts had to have until my brain could tell my feet to walk to the bus