Inverse - So Far (Video)

First official video from Inverse, off their 2008 release, So Far (The Collection), which will be re-released digitally via QN5 Music on July 6th. This clip was directed by Donlee Brussel (who’s also directed the video for Louis Logic’s Spork Kills project) and was shot guerrilla style in various parts of Los Angeles over two

Inverse - Keys To The City: LA (Video)

Inverse gives you an insider's tour of the finer restaurants that populate the City of Angels such as Tito’s Tacos and IN-N-OUT Burger (MekDot note: greatest. Burger. Ever.), all while shedding some light on their backstory. As Los Angeles brims with the talented new voices it’s inspired, Inverse take the lead and treat us to

Tunji x Cook Classics (Video)

[vimeo 3076181] I've been trying to tell ya'll... my man Tunji is no fucking joke when it comes to the rhymes. Very dope with the Sha Stimuli shout... maybe I can get them on a track together (if it's not already in motion). Clear picture too, I need a new camera haha. Also... if you're

Inverse On Sound Session (Video)

[vimeo 3024903] Tunji and Toby talked all about their backgrounds, their "So Far" and "So True" projects, how the Internet and blog explosion has affected their careers as independent artists and more.

FCC Lift Off - "Bop Like This" x "Mass Appeal 2009" x "UAintUpOnThis!" (Video)

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.777850&w=425&h=350&fv=] Last night I attended the show for the FCC Lift Off/"Mass Appeal 2009" video shoot, and I'll say I was pleasantly surprised. I ran into the usual suspects as well as met a lot of new folks as well. The biggest winners of the night were my ears and eyes thanks to the

Inverse - So True EP

Even though this was supposed to drop last week I have gathered my thoughts and have forgiven Tunji for lying to me. Mostly because I knew the music was gonna be well worth the wait. Especially after hearing a few cuts  before the release This is dope fucking music people! Featuring production from Kno (of

Inverse Recording So True w/ Cook Classics & Paul Dateh (Video)

[vimeo 2729174] Some footage of Inverse, Cook Classics & Paul Dateh working on the opening track of their So True EP (which is supposed to be out! Tunji!?) called Rise & Shine. Cook's neighbors have like 10 dogs and each time they are let out back they just bark. Shitty. Hit the jump for Paul

Inverse - So True f. Deacon the Villain (of CunninLynguists)

More posts from the sky... Even though I talk to Tunji on the daily, I was still wondering when him and Toby we're getting back in the booth and pushing another Inverse project. Well the answer has been given. January 1st marks the day we'll get their So True EP. Featuring production from CunninLyguists' KNO,

Keelay & Zaire- The Times f. Blu x Addicts For Real f. Tunji

I told you I was gonna keep it on the indie tip for a little while. Here goes two joints from the San Francisco production duo Keelay & Zaire. Niners bitch! They're prepping the release of their debut LP, Ridin' High, which features the likes of Phonte, Blu, Torae, Tunji, Supastition, Cali Agents and more.

Tunji's Costume is Better Than Yours (Video)

[vimeo 2110459] I have to admit... I'm a bit jealous of this one. Shit's dope! Although when it comes to Halloween, Shake is that dude. Especially the last three years. People are fucking with me haha.

Kyle Lucas is Still Tunji's Favorite (Video)

[vimeo 2083424] I know some of ya'll out there have been waiting for Kyle Lucas' upcoming mixtape, Kyle Lucas Is Still My Favorite. That time is just around the corner. Right here on October 30th to be exact. In the above clip my man Tunji shows love to the rappin' ass white boy. Tunji must

?uestlove x J*DaVeY x Inverse

Now I normally don't do this (see: never) but it looks extremely dope and I wish I could check it out. Plus Tunji is my man and asked nicely if I could post. Why not? Hit the jump for the details...