IsaiahThe3rd - Fallen

Loosie and a late pass.

IsaiahThe3rd - The Man

Produced by Elry Jtsn.

IsaiahThe3rd - The Dreamer

An early start for MLK Day.

IsaiahThe3rd - King's Landing

Free bonus cut.

IsaiahThe3rd - A Sinner's Guide To Love (Album Stream)


IsaiahThe3rd - The City

Produced by Eric Dingus.

IsaiahThe3rd - The Run Around


IsaiahThe3rd - Brand New f. Radamiz

A Sinner's Guide To Love coming soon.

IsaiahThe3rd - Point of View

A Sinner's Guide To Love coming soon?

IsaiahThe3rd - Castle Walls

Villain music.

IsaiahThe3rd - Right Now

Happy belated born day!

IsaiahThe3rd - New Beginnings

Produced by Chvlly.

IsaiahThe3rd - Rise of the 3rd (Mixtape)


IsaiahThe3rd - Homeland (Album)

Produced by Fa†e.

IsaiahThe3rd - Draft Day

Homeland arrives April 20th (4/20).

IsaiahThe3rd - Adventures Of The 3rd (Video)

Produced by Chvlly.

IsaiahThe3rd - Criminology Of The 3rd (prod. Fa†e)

Off the two's upcoming Homeland LP.

IsaiahThe3rd - Still Blu (prod. Thelonious Martin)

Isaiah pulls out a loosie from the vaults for the Dopehouse as he prepares for Read...

IsaiahThe3rd - 7 Grams

After a 2Dope shout out for receiving his 2Dope stickers, Isaiah gets into a loosie Read...

IsaiahThe3rd - Adventures Of The 3rd (Mixtape)

Fresh off his death, the (2)Dope Submissions alum takes us on an adventure through rhymes. Read...