Soul - Somethin New f. IsaiahThe3rd

Produced by LonzCityy.

IsaiahThe3rd - Castle Walls

Villain music.

Premiere: Fa†e & IsaiahThe3rd - Homeland (Instrumentals)

The CA producer blesses the internets with the instrumental album from Isaiah.

IsaiahThe3rd - The Low End Theory (Video)


IsaiahThe3rd - Mad Men (Album)

Includes two bonus tracks, all for free.

IsaiahThe3rd - Clockwork Orange Part II

"It's funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen."

IsaiahThe3rd - Gone Fishing (prod. Fa†e)

The minimalist production complements Isaiah's delivery.

IsaiahThe3rd - Guns & Roses

The Brooklynite drops a loosie that won't be on his upcoming project Mad Men. Mad Read...

IsaiahThe3rd - Beware of the Wolf

A little loosie from Isaiah. Stay tuned for Isaiah's Mad Men coming in Nov! PREVIOUS: Read...

IsaiahThe3rd - Dazed & Confused (prod. RELTΔ)

First leak off Isaiah's upcoming Mad Men project, dropping early November. Stream/download the above song Read...

IsaiahThe3rd - Champagne Music

Relta on the boards. Make sure to grab Isaiah's Public Enemy 3 mixtape if you Read...

IsaiahThe3rd – International Man of Crime (prod. Relta)

Brand new single from Isaiah who will be performing alongside Scienze & Dom O Briggs Read...

IsaiahThe3rd - Public Enemy #3 (Mixtape)

After a few leaks - and a brief delay - the Brooklyn emcee drops his Read...

IsaiahThe3rd - 6 Feet Deep

Public Enemy No. 3 was slated to drop today, but... it's not, so enjoy this Read...

IsaiahThe3rd - Do Better

IsaiahThe3rd drops off the final leak off Public Enemy #3, out May 1. Do Better Read...

IsaiahThe3rd - World Domination

The title track off The 3rd's Public Enemy #3, which is coming soon. PREVIOUS: IsaiahThe3rd Read...

IsaiahThe3rd - Lonely People

Isaiah drops off a loosie with a flipped Beatles sample. Public Enemy #3 dropping soon. Read...

IsaiahThe3rd - Photographic Memory

Public Enemy #3 is coming soon. PREVIOUS: IsaiahThe3rd – Winter’s Outro Part III

IsaiahThe3rd - Winter's Outro Part III

I know it doesn't feel like it but winter's coming to an end, this one Read...

IsaiahThe3rd - Ron Swanson

The 3rd is working on yet another project, Public Enemy #3, and you can head Read...