J NiCS - Scale f. Freddie Gibbs (Video)

The Polar Bear Mack links up with Gangsta Gibbs for this cut off NiCS' Darkside tape which dropped last year. PREVIOUS: J NiCS – ThreeSixtyFive (FreEP)

Ryshon Jones - Money Tales f. J NiCS

Before he takes the stage at the upcoming A3C Festival, the Philly spitter links up with the Floridian spitter for this track about money and all the things it brings. PREVIOUS: Ryshon Jones – The Example f. Shinte

J NiCS - ThreeSixtyFive (FreEP)

ThreeSixtyFive is a free EP I wanted to put together for the fans who have been supporting from the beginning of my career and beyond. After talking a brief hiatus from making music I wanted to reveal a new sound and show my growth as a songwriter and MC. I've grown a stronger inspiration and

J NiCS - Here I Go f. Denzel Curry

The Polar Bear Mack links up with his fellow Floridian for this track off his ThreeSixtyFive EP, which drops Septemebr 17th. PREVIOUS: J NiCS – 24/7

Webbz - Holding On To A Prayer f. J NiCS (prod. Numonics)

Webbz is a Miramar, Florida-based emcee who will drop a new project, The Pursuit Of Happiness: A Black Man In Amerikkka, tomorrow (September 5th). Here he links up with the Polar Bear Mack and the South Floridian producer for this number.

SIN - Steal The Scene f. J NiCS (prod. Numonics) (Video)

Directed by Garcia SOme good folks from South Florida all link up for this collaborative effort from SIN and Numonics' EP, 7 Deadly, which is slated to drop next Tuesday (August 13th). PREVIOUS: SIN – City On Fire f. Reks (prod. Numonics)